Sunday, 1 March 2009

Credit Crunching

Like many others out there, for a while, I have been lusting after the beautiful new Owls range from Paperchase. I bought the stickers but just loved the look of the storage but just knew that these were out of my price range so I decided to make my own. I went to Paperchase today (decided on Bath in the end but didn't get to go to any cafes!) and bought this...Owl wrapping paper, so that I could make these....My own customised storage boxes, by re-covering the shoe boxes and magazine files I had in my craft roomAlmost as good as the real thing? Well they're good enough for me! I also found these stickers which I thought would go perfectly with the Quirky Kit I bought from Crafty Templates and am hoping will arrive tomorrow.

Sorry, I forgot to rotate the photo but you get the idea! Cute aren't they? And they're glittery.

TFL xx


Annie said...

Those magazine files look great!

rachel said...

wow thats a great job i was thinking of doing this when i move, i do have the tins and things but they dont do 12x12 folders, that be great. fab job xx

Alison5 said...

Oh they are fantastic, they make my storage boxes look really boring.

Catherine said...

Look really great!

Cath x