Friday, 23 December 2011

A Few More.....

Taking five minutes out of the Christmas madness to put my feet up for five minutes and share with you a few more of the wedding layouts.

This is one of David waiting for the ceremony to start.......
 I know you will have seen this one!
 The first half of a DLO....
 And the other half......
 And finally another that I'm pretty sure I would have already blogged
The next few days promise to be completely manic so I will take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas.

See you on the other side!!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

It's Done!

Merry Christmas!! I's been too long! So what have I been up to since I last blogged?? Well quite a bit, I turned 28..arrrrgggghhhh!! I submitted my final essay and completed the uni phase of my course, all bar one day in the new year.  I've had a busy term in school, as well as the small matter of preparing for Christmas!

Not much crafting has been happening, except for Christmas presents, one of which is the wedding album I have been working on for one of my best friends.  She got married in May and I planned to give them their wedding album on their first anniversary but seeing as she will now be 38 weeks pregnant on their anniversary I thought she'd have a little more time to enjoy it if I gave it to her now.  It has been a massive undertaking with a whopping 30 layouts but I've done the skin of my teeth....but I have finished!!! I know I have already shared some layouts with you but it's easier to repeat a few rather than try and work out which ones you've already seen!

First an introductory page with space for them to write the engagement story......
 I collected all the information on choosing her dress so I could include it in a page....
 A simple one of the dress close ups.......
 Emma getting ready.......
 Emma and her niece finishing the flowers.......
Back soon with a few more pages xxxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

No You're Not Seeing Things, I Am Blogging!!

My apologies for my recent lack of blogging! I don't really know where the last few weeks have gone!!   So what have I been doing? Well, I've spent a lot of time reading and researching for my final essay which is due in one month from today, arrrrgghhh!!! I also had half term where I doggy sat, spent some time with my friends, helped one of them choose her wedding dress, cooked twice (shock horror!!), did a bit of knitting, spent too long on pinterest and spent loads of time with my head in a book.  It's been pretty busy, and not looking like it's gonna slow down anytime soon. Over the next month I have an English test (tomorrow), Maths and Science assessments, a tutorial which involves another piece of written work and while all this is going on I have the small matter of the big essay, scary!!

In amongst the madness, I have managed to squeeze in the odd half hour in the craft room.  I've done a couple of layouts and made a start on document October which I will share at another time.

Firstly I did this one for the wedding album which is very nearly done.  I used the Crate Portait collection which is proving to be so perfect for this album.
This was a bit of a fun layout to do.  I love this photo of me, at a different wedding party, it just seems to sum up what a crazy, fun night it was and how I truly let my hair down.  I used the Crate Random collection which I am totally in love with.  I also used some Sassafras stamps and some paint splatters.
I WILL be back soon to share some knitting and crochet projects and hopefully my doc October.  I also seem to have a rapidly growing pile of photos to scrap so I really hope I might be able to allow myself a scrappy day sometime soon!

TFL xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

It Only Took A Year..... *photo heavy*

If you met me at the Gogo Getaway last year, was it really a whole year ago?? You might have seen me working on this......
Well, once I got back, I was so inspired by the techniques I had picked up over the weekend that I put it away and there it stayed.....
 Until a couple of weeks ago, when finally I felt the need to get it finished!  It's not like me to leave something unfinished, particularly for so long.
 So this is it, a tactile little book, showcasing the photos I took of the lions in Bath last year.

Feels good to finally have it done!!
TFL xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Two of a Kind

Even though I'm not getting much time to scrap lately, I do at least seem to have plenty of inspiration, this is really handy cos when I do find myself with the time I can whip up a layout quick!  I also seem to be going through a bit of a style change too, I keep getting drawn, on Pinterest, to layouts that are clustered with lots of detail but lots of white space at the same time, and with a bit of interest top and bottom.

Here are a couple of pages that I have done.  They are fairly similar but one is for me and one is for the wedding album so I won't end up with albums full of the same layouts!!

This one is of me and my bestie Sarah, at a wedding party a few months back.  I don't seem to get many photos of us and when I do they tend to be slightly drunken arms length this one is, but this one does seem to be one of the better ones!!
The title doesn't stand out very well in the photo but it does seem to work in real life!!
 And this one for Emma and David's album.  This is one of my favourite photos from the wedding.  Neither of us can remember what I said to make her laugh, I'm guessing it must have been a bit rude by the way I'm turning my head away from the gathered crowd!!! (but not that rude.....there was a child present!!!)
TFL xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Document 2011: September

Apologies for the delay in posting peeps!  It's all for good reason, I'm working REALLY hard at the moment in preparation for my final essay which is due in less than 8 weeks, scary!!  Anyway, I finally have some craftiness to share with you!

September was a difficult one to do, firstly because I had to stop my kit subscription.  I have always used monthly kits for this type of project as it keeps each month different and I have it all there ready to go.  I did however treat myself to a couple of the new Cosmo Cricket papers so I used those.......
The second reason that september was a tricky one was because I didn't do much, and didn't take many photos.  Luckily on the very last day of the month I had a very funny evening with some friends and made sure I had some pics!!
And then the divided pages, I had to be mega creative to fill these, but I kept reminding myself that it is ok for this project to be 'everyday' it doesn't have to be filled with exciting stuff!
 I used Ruby Rock It papers for this, I'd never used them before but I was impressed!
 TFL xxxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Flying Visit

Hi everyone, just a really quickie post to let you know I haven't given up blogging!! Life in the second year is hectic!! This week is set to be another busy one, with an observation placement starting tomorrow, and a school trip on Wednesday, I will be back with a proper post soon but I can't say when!!

I'll leave you with a picture of some cupcakes I made, inspired by Cath Kidston (via Pinterest), a couple of weeks ago for a friends birthday.  

TFL xxxxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New Stuff!

I just wanted to say Thank You for the lovely comments I've had so far about my Folksy shop.  You can read more about it and find out how you can get yourself some freebies in this post.

Anyway, I was just popping in to share some new items that I've just listed for sale.

I have had lots of great feedback on the finger puppets, so inbetween getting ready to go back to uni, I have been making some more.
 I love these little minibeasts! 
And I do have plans for more so keep watching this space.  Don't forget that the first five people to mention my blog when ordering will get a freebie!!!

B xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kirsty's Anniversary Blog Hop

If you've arrived here from Kirsty's blog, welcome, if you follow me anyway then you have stumbled upon Kirsty's anniversary blog hop!

First of all let me tell you about Kirsty..... I met her at the Gogo Getaway last year and having not seen her work before I was blown away by what I saw.  She has a style all of her own which is so distinctive and original, you just can't help but be impressed!  When I got back I started following her blog and now I'm addicted, she has such a way with words that I often find myself laughing out loud! So, when I read that she was giving away these gorgeous little handmade embellishments and making a blog hop of the resulting projects, I just had to be a part of it!

Here is what I came up with.........
This proved to be a really interesting project for me.  At the moment my mojo has been a little on the sparse side, so my creative journey was a little different to the route it normally takes but having an embellishment to kick start it really helped.  First I gathered up a pile of scraps that coordinated with it.  Happily, they kind of fell into a pattern, perfect for the basis of a layout, I then chose a background sheet and finally, leafed through a pile of photos I had to hand and found this one of my friend and I at our work night out, that just happened to coordinate with everything else! I then added some washi tape, some stitching and a punched detail at the top and finally, an unimaginative one, but a title none the less.
Inspired by Kirsty's work, I also added some journalling directly onto the layout, something I've often been too nervous to do, but it just always looks so fab so I'm making a conscious effort to do more.

You may have already spotted the second embellishment as I used it on my August Document 2011. I simply added it to a photo and popped it into a pocket, it was the perfect finishing touch for this kind of project.
 Anyway, that's enough of me, there are lots of other really inspiring scrappers taking part, so starting with Louise, make your way around the rest of the blog hop.

Have a great weekend xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011


What do you think of this?

 Want one?? What about this.......
 And these.....
 Would look fab on your winter coat.  I bet you'd love one of these for Christmas.....
 And who wouldn't want to play with these......
Well they have all been lovingly made, along with lots of other goodies which would make perfect gifts, by my own fair hand and you can buy them in my new *drum roll* Folksy Shop 'Gifted'.  

I have to thank my nephew Dan, for my funky logo, he is gonna be a much better Graphic Designer than I ever was...who am I kidding??.... he already is!!! 

I am very excited about it, I have always been tempted and now that I need a bit of spending money to get me through my last few months as a poor student (get your violins out!!), I thought what better time to give it a go!

To get things kicked off I'm offering the opportunity to grab yourself some freebies.  If you have a blog and can leave a link to my shop, I will put you in a draw for some goodies, make sure you leave a comment on this post with a link so I know who you are! Secondly, the first 5 people who order from my shop and mention my blog when they pay, will receive something extra in with their order.

I will also consider custom orders, so if you ever spot anything I post on here that you like the look of, don't be afraid to send me an email.  It might not always be possible but I will do my best to accommodate any requests.

I hope to keep the shop topped up with lots of goodies, which I will try and post here but keep an eye out for new things.

Hope you like it xxxx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Project of the Day

Pop on over to the Banana Frog blog to see my......


Monday, 12 September 2011

Make and Create Guest Designer

A few weeks ago, my friend Anna asked me to design with a kit from her shop The Make and Create Shop. It's called Perfect Day and was full pretties, just right for a wedding layout for Emma and David's album.
All I added was the cardstock, canvas tag and Thickers.  Go have a look at Anna's shop and grab one for yourself.

Hope you're having a good start to the week xxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Document 2011 August

I'm liking the new blogger! Don't want to speak too soon but think it's gonna be a bit more user friendly...well I hope it is anyway!  Thought it was time I shared my eighth installment of my document 2011, I'm actually onto my second album for this, I'm really happy with it but think next year's yearbook project is going to have to be a little less involved as I hope to be somewhat busier!

So firstly the pocket page, containing cinema tickets, I never go to the cinema but I went twice in August, I watched One Day and the Inbetweeners.  There are also tickets from our day at the race track.  I had an idea for these pocket pages, at the end of the year I am going to tear the pages from my calendar and pop them into the corresponding pockets in my album so I have a record of everything I did.  I tend to use my calendar to write down what I have done rather than what I am going to do, I use my diary for that, so every little detail tends to go on it. Just thought it would be a good idea as a snapshot of my year.
It took me a while to decide what to do for my focus page but what really stood out was what a packed month I had.  I really made the most of the holidays this year as I knew it would be my last as a student and I had the best summer ever. So I got lots of little photos printed small and squeezed them all onto the page!
And then the pocket pages.....Jenny and Lee's engagement *exciting*, Jess and Me taking part in Operation Cup of Tea during the riots, Mine and Jenny's wedding film marathon/duvet day and Jenny's birthday cake. (You can see a theme's great having teacher friends to keep you entertained in the hols!!)
Then a crafty day making 'infinity' dresses with Sarah and Jayne, I will do a post on that sometime! A day at the race track with three of my nephews (2 of which are as into motor racing as me!!) Our attempts at Planking!! And tapas night.
Sorry if I've waffled on but at least I had lots to talk about this month!!  I have another two weeks before I go back to uni but now the schools are back I feel like I should be getting back to work mode.  I'm spending tomorrow with a friend working on our science subject knowledge project...not fun but has to be done! I am also working on a bit of a new crafty project but more on that this space!!

TFL xxx