Monday, 18 June 2012

Mini Festival Mini Part 3

And here is the final part!

I had a bit of fun with these pages! I took this funny photo of two of his mates and knew he'd love it! 

A random selection of photos from the evening.

Blowing out the candles..

And finally his speech.  I didn't take many photos after this point...too busy partying!

Then there are the pocket pages...

We were lucky enough to have an inflatable hot tub! I wasn't brave enough...too cold getting in and out and no fun getting out of a wet bikini in a tent, but some of the boys braved it!!

Washi tape was so useful in this project....quick and easy and nice and bright!

And that's it! I'm pleased to say that my friends were delighted to receive the book and think it's a great keepsake of a fab party.

TFL xxx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mini Festival Mini Part 2

I'm back with the next few pages.....

The band....

I was really pleased with this page detailing the moment that the surprise was revealed in order.

There's that stamp again! This time in white and I love the effect of the paint mists against the black and the white, in real life they are so shimmery.

At the party I made a really big effort to take loads of photos of Laurence greeting all of his friends and family, there were a mix of different people and he was so surprised to see so many of them there that I knew he would want lots of photos to remember it by.  I was really pleased at some of the candid shots I managed to get.

 I found this great quote on pinterest that was perfect for this book....'no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.' For the record I stayed up til 4 am!!!

And I'll be back soon with part 3! xxx

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mini Festival Mini Part 1

So at the moment I seem to have my 'mini book' mojo back in spades! I have always loved making them, but when I started this one of my friend's 30th birthday photos it reminded me of just how much I did enjoy them and how long it had been since I'd made one.

As I mentioned briefly a couple of posts ago, my friend's 30th was pretty epic and I had hundreds of photos to choose from, with that in mind I decided to get loads of mini photos printed and just try to fit in as many as possible.

Anyway that's enough waffle here it is.....
I wanted to go with the festival feel from the photos so I used a mixture of scraps, lots of colour, some paint and lots of flicks and splatters with paint mists.  The '30' was a stamp I made myself from some quite dense foam I had in my craft room, I was pretty pleased with it and managed to make use of it a few times.

Thought I'd start it off with a picture of the birthday boy but the rest of the book is in order from the preparations to the end of the party.  This project was a great stash buster, I managed to use up bits and pieces that I'd had for ages!

The pages were made from some big paper bags that I've had for a while, I thought they were perfect for this as they had a bit of a grungey, recycled feel which worked well with the photos and were suitable for a 'man' project!!!  I cut the bags in half, sealed up the bottom half of the bag and the bottom end of the top half (IYSWIM!!) and left the original opening open to add in extra cards.

I won't bore you with the whole thing now, watch this space for another installment soon!!
TFL xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilant Baking

In preparation for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee I had a browse around Pinterest to give me some ideas for some party bakes, in the end I came up with a July 4th cake that gave me the inspiration to bake this....
Which was patriotic through and through....

Not wanting to leave anyone out, I also whipped up a batch of gluten free cupcakes....

Any excuse to use this pretty cake stand!!

I've absolutely loved the jubilee celebrations, it's made me feel very proud to be British and I'm quite sad it's all over! What did you do to mark the occasion?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Where Have I Been?? Picture Heavy!!

Hello Blogland, I'm back!!! It's been a while and there has been LOADS going on here so I thought I'd try and explain why I've been MIA for so long!

So in the last month I have baked a pretty cake for my lovely Mum's birthday....

Helped to organise a party to end all parties for a good friend of mine, a 30th surprise mini festival.....

Which included a spot of camping........
Don't ask!! You'll hear a lot more about this party when I share a little crafty project with you.

Then I went to watch the Olympic Torch Relay with my new neighbour, my best friend Jenny who moved just around the corner a couple of weeks ago, yay!!

I had a couple of lovely days with my 'bumpy' best friend Emma, who as of last wednesday is no longer 'bumpy' and now has a beautiful baby boy that I just can't wait to meet.  He's gonna be an Irish dancer like Mummy and Daddy....

Now for the best bit, last week I had my first teaching interview and happily spent the evening celebrating my success!!!!

And since then I haven't even had time to stop for breath until today cos I have been...
Celebrating Dad's 65th......

Singing in a choir concert....

And celebrating the Jubilee!

Amazingly I have been rather creative too so I will be back with more posts asap!
Thanks for sticking to the end of a mammoth post xxx