Monday, 18 June 2012

Mini Festival Mini Part 3

And here is the final part!

I had a bit of fun with these pages! I took this funny photo of two of his mates and knew he'd love it! 

A random selection of photos from the evening.

Blowing out the candles..

And finally his speech.  I didn't take many photos after this point...too busy partying!

Then there are the pocket pages...

We were lucky enough to have an inflatable hot tub! I wasn't brave enough...too cold getting in and out and no fun getting out of a wet bikini in a tent, but some of the boys braved it!!

Washi tape was so useful in this project....quick and easy and nice and bright!

And that's it! I'm pleased to say that my friends were delighted to receive the book and think it's a great keepsake of a fab party.

TFL xxx

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scrappyjen said...

Love your work! I am new to blogging and found you through crafty blogs. I have just followed and will def pop back. I too am a primary school teacher at the moment. Dont you think scrapping is the only time when you forget about the work related issues?! I get totally absorbed. If you would like to visit me you are more than welcome. jenx