Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wish Everyday was Girl Friday

My neck has been feeling a bit better this eve so I managed to do one LO. I've been desperate to get stuck into my new papers so here it is.....

Love Girl Friday, can't believe I hadn't discovered it before! And it has stopped me being quite so impatient waiting for the October Afternoon collections to arrive. I've heard it's gonna be any day now, so I have my eyes peeled.
Off to bed now, what I need more than anything is a painfree nights sleep so fingers crossed.
Night xxx

Stash Happy

Still having trouble with my neck so it's been another slow day. The weather has been pants too. The only thing that has brightened my day has been the arrival of two of my parcels....

This one from Papermaze, some more Penny Lane papers which are expensive but worth it, Bella Blvd Spring Fling, Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday, Prima My Mommy and Me and a Making Memories Scalloped circle.
The this one from Bellaboo. I got some white Swiss Dotted, MME Bloom and Grow, Fancy Pants Summer Soiree, more Girl Friday and some bargain letter stickers, just £1.25 for over 100 stickers, think I need some more colours!Have been sat down matching up some photos with the papers so am hoping my neck will be up to doing some scrapping later.
I have spent a bit of time being creative today, at school we are transforming the classroom into a rainforest for this term's topic so I have helped out by making some signs for it. I'll try and take some photos when I put it up tomorrow (neck dependent!)
Anyway, off to have my tea.
TFL xxx

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I've not had a great day today, I woke up with a really bad neck, so stiff I could hardly move it and in absolute agony. Initially I thought it was from overdoing it but on second thoughts it could be when I lifted one of the little ones up to look at some Naked Mole Rats!! Anyway, I had a class planned with two friends tonight that I very nearly cancelled but I carried on cos I thought it would take my mind off of it. I'm glad I did and the others were glad too cos they produced fab layouts.

Here is mine...
This is Mum's.....
This one's Julie's....
And this one is Deb's
Gorgeous aren't they? They're trying some really quite adventurous techniques now and getting confident too.
I'm waiting for 4 parcels!! It's not as bad as it sounds, I haven't spent much but I couldn't find everything I wanted in one place. I'm hoping the parcels will bring me some inspiration as I've struggled for the last few days. I know I'll definitely get one tomorrow as I had a missed parcel card, must have been a different postie cos mine always leaves my parcels round the back for me. I'm pretty sure 2 others will come too but knowing my luck they'll arrive when I'm out collecting the first one!
Well I'm off now to try and get comfy for the night!
TFL xx

Monday, 27 April 2009

Zoo Tomorrow

Finally managed to get my layout finished. I started it on Saturday and 3 days is a long time for me to have a layout on the go, usually when I start it I have to finish it! I'm glad I took my time cos I looked at it with fresh eyes, changed a few things and am pleased with the final result.......

I used some of the Heidi Swapp invisibles to do the circles at the bottom. I love the colours against that fab blue.

I'm off to the Zoo with school tomorrow so it's an early night for me, I'm gonna need all the energy I can muster!

Night xx

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday I had a busy day doing not much! I watched the marathon in the morning, I do love it and always end up crying. Then I flipped over to the Grand Prix which I have always watched a little bit but I have gotten really into lately. My Brother and SIL popped over in the afternoon and we had a right old laugh telling stories about dog poo! Seriously, don't ask!

In the evening my best friend Sarah popped in and we were sat chatting in my craft room. I was a bit stuck on a layout and was paper pushing a bit so she helped me decide where I should put things. I happened to make a comment about getting her scrapping and she said she'd really like to have a go so two hours later she'd produced this .....Luckily I'd just had these photos printed from when Sarah, Laurence and their dog Frank came to see us at the caravan for a couple of days. She really enjoyed creating it and did a fab job on it, you'd never believe it was a first attempt. Plus it turns out that she likes white space too so I was happy!

After our Scrapaholix day on Saturday playng with the Heidi Swapp Invisibles I was keen to try some more but it seems the papers aren't stocked by many UK retailers so I was thinking about it and realised that it would probably have the same resist effect if I clear embossed and rubbed ink over. I had a little play and did these...Am gonna experiment some more today. The weather is awful and I need to save my energy for our school trip to the Zoo tomorrow so I'm gonna have a quiet day crafting.

Have a Happy Monday xxxx

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Would you like my autograph?!

Lots to share today. I went to Borders yesterday to get Scrapbook Magazine was in and I was glad I made the effort cos I was in it! I'd almost forgotten about this LO cos I sent it off as soon as I'd made it. I sent three Lo's in total to them so maybe I'll be in there again.
Today was Scrapaholix at Kim's, it was lovely to see everyone cos it's been a while since the last one. The kit was fab, Heidi Swapp Masks and Invisibles papers. Perfect as you can make them whatever colour you want to suit your photos. Everyone ended up creating really different effects.
I wasn't completely sure about the title on this one 'This Way To The Pole Dancing Classes!' but I couldn't think of anything else, I'm sure it'll grow on me.

Some close ups of the pages so you can see how cool the effects are...
The kit was perfect for these photos cos it meant I could create a rainbow effect to complement the kite, plus the blue sky stands out so beautifully against the white background.
I had to do a close up of this bit cos SJ wanted to see what I'd done with her journalling spots....
When I got home, I had another surprise. Scrapbook Inspirations had arrived with my first ever paid commission in. The sketch challenge.....
Plus my entry into the reader gallery......
It's funny how I'd forgotten what these LO's were like cos it feels like so long since I'd sent them off. It'll be really nice when they are returned and I can have a proper look at them again. By all accounts though, I'll be in for a long wait!
TFL xx

Thursday, 23 April 2009

This is not just a Blog Post....

So I went this morning to check out our new M&S and it didn't dissappoint..... there is a Cafe. Only problem was that when Mum and I got to the front of the queue all of the electric went out! There was about 5 mins panic/excitement before it came back on, luckily being at the front of the queue we were right by the girl giving out free chocolates and she kept giving us extra ones to pass the time!

Two parcels arrived for me today one was this...
An American Crafts D ring album, it's gonna be for my GoGo Academy layouts. I ordered a pack of 8.5x11 and 6x12 refills so I can make the LO's all different sizes. I have started to get really annoyed by post bound albums cos they are such a faff to refill or reorganise. I know these are a bit more pricey but I think they are the way forward.
The other parcel was a bit more of a surprise...It was the goody bag I won for my letter in SI last month, I got a free copy of the mag plus some paper packs and some AC embellies. The papers not really my sort of thing but is bound to come in handy for something at school.

TFL xx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


I've had a really creative day today. I finally got inspired to finish the book I've been making since January of my Darts photos.

I wanted it to be really different, experimental, busy and fun. That's probably why it's taken me so long to do. I'm really pleased with the way it's turned out, it goes with the quirky theme of the photos and it was great to be so playful with a project.

I also did a layout today for the Scrapagogo April sketch challenge. The theme this month was flowers or gardens so I used a photo I took at the Zoo on Sunday.I just love this kit so much I wish there was more of it, it's never gonna last me until the May kit arrives! It's a good job I've done a bit of internet shopping!!!

Yesterday I had a little parcel arrive from SJ's Folksy shop I bought these funky little journalling bits....

Cute aren't they? And really affordable too, am really looking forward to her future creations.

Finally, this evening I made a start on the project kit I got from Scrapagogo. Its a mini book from Maya Road and is gonna be perfect for the photos of our Sports Day we had on holiday. Am planning on getting stuck into it tomorrow after I've been to have a nosey round the new M&S thats opening up the road, we've been waiting for it for about 2 years so it better be good, or at least it better have a Cafe!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Having a Bad Computer Day

Sometimes I wonder if computers are really worth the hassle! This morning at school I had the thank less task of trying to teach 4 year olds how to log on and off of computers, no mean feat when their passwords involve typing their surname and some of them didn't even know their surname let alone how to spell it! Whichever bright spark at the LEA came up with this idea needs to spend a morning in a Foundation stage class, (or shooting!)

So when I came home I was in need of de-stressing so I did this layout using my GoGo kit.

The background is a felt sheet which was really nice to work with, made a bit of a change.

I've spent the rest of the afternoon trying to attach something to an email. I am having to use Mum and Dad's computer at the moment because my charger has broken and it just doesn't have the software that mine does. But, unless I find £90 lying around for a new charger, I just have to get used to it.
I felt like doing some more scrapping but am feeling a little uninspired. I'm waiting for a few new papers and a load of photos to be delivered so hopefully that will give me a kick start.
Night xx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Forget Me Not Showers

Something that actually made me look forward to coming home from holiday was that I knew that this months GoGo kit would be waiting for me. I burst in through the door, straight through to the dining room and instantly I could see the sunny yellow glow where the postie had left it on the patio for me! It is so gorgeous this month, I just love how I get papers and embellies that I might not have chosen or noticed, but are always coordinating and fab. Here is a pic of this months kit....
I am especially loving the MME papers, fabric thickers and the paper flowers and.... everything else! I have done 3 LO's so far, two for the new GoGo Academy which has just gone live, and this one of the Twins on Holiday last week...

The colours suited the photos so well, and the paper was so pretty that I didn't really have to do very much to this one, infact I almost felt like a cheat!

I spent the day at the Zoo today with my Nephews which of course gave me the opportunity to take lots of photos and I've come back with lots of LO ideas. Off to get some pics printed tomorrow.

TFL xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Holiday Scrapping Explained

I had a lovely comment from Annie asking exactly how I managed to scrap on holiday so I'll try and explain how I did it! Before I went I put together about 10 page kits, literally picking out some photos, matching them to 2 or 3 sheets of paper or card. I then packed one very small bag of scraps that would coordinate with most of the kits cos I do like to layer up!

I packed everything into my PM trolley case so I packed basic tools and glues in one pocket. I took a craft knife and ruler instead of a paper trimmer to save space and a cuttting mat takes up no room in the boot underneath the suitcases! I took one of the velcro pouches out and filled with a small selection of stickers, embellies, a couple of journalling tags. I allowed myself my scallop edge and circle punches as I can do so much with them and I did sneak in my SideKick and 1 Sizzix alphabet to take care of the titles. I took just one cd case full of stamps (which actually I didn't end up using but it didn't matter cos they took up so little space.)

There were a few items that were a bit bulkier but I couldn't live without, my ribbon bag, inks and a few packs of Thickers but I used them on practically every layout so it was completely justified!

I also managed to buy a few bits while I was there in the local market so I challenged myself to make use of these straight away. I bought a packet of blank cards too so that when I started running out of layouts to do I used the scraps to make a few cards.

I don't know if this all makes sense, I feel like I'm starting to ramble! I hope it answers your question Annie!

B xx

Holiday Scrapping

Thought I'd share some more snaps with you. This time the layouts I did while I was away, it was really nice to be able to scrap while I was away. Its such an inspiring place, plus it gave me something to do on the days I wasn't up to walking.

I was happier with some than others, but generally pleased cos I had made up the page kits in advance so was limited on stash for each one.

Back with more later x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Hunny I'm Home!

I'm back. I've had a fab holiday, lots of fun, good food, free flowing Gin and Tonics, fresh air and beautiful scenery. The best bit is that now we have our own caravan I don't have to wait a whole year to go again, in fact I only have to wait two weeks, so lucky.

This means no post holiday blues this year. I've been able to come home and be grateful for the home comforts, broadband, fully functional TV, enough room to swing a cat(!) and as I'm feeling a little under the weather, my own bed (which I've been in since 7.30pm!)

I also came home to the sunny glow of my GoGo kit which is just fab and will suit my holiday snaps down to the ground. Can't wait to get stuck in.

I'll leave you with my last two weeks 365 photos so you can see a snapshot of my hols

Back with photos of layouts and other things tomorrow.

Night xx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

So Long, Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Goodbye!

One final post before we leave for our holiday tomorrow, we will be away for two weeks and I just don't know how I'll cope without broadband for that long! I'm taking the laptop for photos so I may go on a mission to find a coffee shop with WiFi! Am gonna leave you up to date with my 365:

26.3: Leahs Mini book
27.3: Hmmm yum!
28.3: Don't ask!!!
29.3: A close up of the card I made
30.3: Coffee at Cafe Thorntons
31.3: My cupcakes
1.4: My LO about my cupcakes!
2.4: No, we're not moving house! All packed and ready to go!
So thats it for a couple of weeks, I will be back with lots of photos, 365 and more. I shall have LO's to share as my PM tote is packed and ready to go with lots of page kits inside. I will be glad to come home because my April GoGo kit should be here waiting for me and I'll have loads of new photos ready for it!
'See' you in a fortnight, hope you don't miss me too much!!
B x
p.s Sorry Clare for the title of this post, I couldn't resist (maybe I should do Musical rehab!)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

What a Performance!

Today has been a tiring one! I helped in school this afternoon and as it was the last day of term we went to the church for the Easter service, it was so lovely, the children acting were fantastic. I have been really lucky to see two amazing performances in one week! When I got home I had a rest for a couple of hours then spent a couple of hours in the craft room. I did this LO with the photos I took yesterday...
I have included a pocket behind one photo and have written out the recipe on a journalling card.
I have also been working for a while on a present for my cousins Christening this weekend. It was inspired by a Mary Anne Walters project in SI. I'm really pleased with how its turned out. Since my four baby cousins were born, I've tried to make a mini book for each milestone. For their first birthdays I did books with photos at newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year, so in this book I've put photos of Leah since her 1st birthday.
I hope they like it!
TFL xx

Happy Birthday Anna

Just a quickie post to say Happy Birthday to my lovely friend Anna. I know she checks my blog so here is a birthday cake for her!!
Hope you have a great day hun.

Back later with photos xx