Friday, 17 April 2009

Holiday Scrapping Explained

I had a lovely comment from Annie asking exactly how I managed to scrap on holiday so I'll try and explain how I did it! Before I went I put together about 10 page kits, literally picking out some photos, matching them to 2 or 3 sheets of paper or card. I then packed one very small bag of scraps that would coordinate with most of the kits cos I do like to layer up!

I packed everything into my PM trolley case so I packed basic tools and glues in one pocket. I took a craft knife and ruler instead of a paper trimmer to save space and a cuttting mat takes up no room in the boot underneath the suitcases! I took one of the velcro pouches out and filled with a small selection of stickers, embellies, a couple of journalling tags. I allowed myself my scallop edge and circle punches as I can do so much with them and I did sneak in my SideKick and 1 Sizzix alphabet to take care of the titles. I took just one cd case full of stamps (which actually I didn't end up using but it didn't matter cos they took up so little space.)

There were a few items that were a bit bulkier but I couldn't live without, my ribbon bag, inks and a few packs of Thickers but I used them on practically every layout so it was completely justified!

I also managed to buy a few bits while I was there in the local market so I challenged myself to make use of these straight away. I bought a packet of blank cards too so that when I started running out of layouts to do I used the scraps to make a few cards.

I don't know if this all makes sense, I feel like I'm starting to ramble! I hope it answers your question Annie!

B xx

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Annie said...


Thanks! I'm very impressed at your organisation and planning! Putting the paper and cardstock together with the photos is a really good idea - but the fact that you also had a pile of co-ordinating scraps and embellishments really makes it work - it means that you are still in the creative process (that sounds very posh, but you know what I mean!) when you are making the page.

Thanks for the post! Organising myself so I scrap a bit quicker is definately on my list of things to do...