Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sweet Summertime

I am already loving the new Echo Park Papers and looking forward to their next collection that is released in a couple of weeks. Here is the first layout I have done with the Sweet Summertime papers.
They are perfect for my Weston pictures. I watered down some Shimmer mists and made a mask to create this cloud effect. I used my BF Firework stamps as a stitching guide to add some detail to the background.
I love those little windmill stickers, so cute!
TFL xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

Flying The Flag

Last week I was lucky enough to be asked to review some bunting for dotcomgiftshop with my current obsession with bunting, what could I do but say yes! So I got sent these little beauties. The Paisley paper bunting, which is just so pretty that I am just dying to have an afternoon tea in the garden to try them out...

And these fabby lace ones which are just asking to be jazzed up with Shimmer Mists.
If you fancy grabbing some for yourself you can find them here. I might just have to bag myself some of those cute spotty ones too!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Little Catch Up

I just realised how many layouts I have done recently that I hadn't got round to sharing with you. I won't bore you with them all at once so I will show you a few now and then schedule some posts with the others to keep you going through the week!

These are the layouts I did at Scrapaholix on Friday. The kit was gorgeous, AC Letterbox, acetate and Kaiser rub ons. I did two layouts of our day in weston.....

I haven't done a transparent layout in a while so I had fun doing this one, especially with all those lovely rub ons.

I have had such a busy few days with school plays, BBQ's, shopping for and celebrating my best friends birthday and the tense sporting events of the day (did you see Webber's crash????) that I am so tired so I am gonna put my feet up and watch tv while my iPhone (painfully slowly) updates to ios4!
Night xxx

A Couple More

So here are a couple more layouts. This one I did using OA Thrift Shop and Night Light, the two collections mixed really nicely and went so well with this black and white photo.
It's a photo of Max doing a bit of Scrapping with me.
Love how he pokes his tongue out to concentrate!
Apologies for the picture quality of this one, for some reason it looks really blue! The photo is over 50 years old of my Nan and Gramps with my Dad and Aunty Sue on a day out to the beach.
I used a mixture of AC papers and loosely scraplifted a LO from the recent SI Ideas Book.
TFL xx
ETA Whoops didn't mean to post now, meant to schedule for later in the week so now you have two for one!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Echo Echo

Just a quick post this eve cos I am supposed to be getting ready for school tomorrow. It's the first performance of our school play 'Jack and The Beanstalk' so it'll be a busy morning and I need to get in a bit early.

Thanks for your messages for Jake, he is doing well and is desperate to get home, we are really keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow. I haven't seen him for a week now, I have spoken to him on the phone though. I'm a bit worried I won't recognise him when he comes home, they measured him on Friday and the operation has given him an extra 3 inches in height so he is now 6ft!! Plus his voice has broken whilst he's been in so he went in a little boy and is coming home very much a teenager!!! The physio's have said that he is doing better than most able bodied people so we are so very proud of him.

Whilst everyone else has been visiting him in the hospital I have been using the time to scrap. My mojo has been very up and down for a while but it is back with a vengence and I have done about 6 layouts in the last couple of days. I've been working on my guest DT kit for ATDML here is a little sneak, you'll have to wait until July to see the rest!

Today I got these fabby papers. From a new company Echo Park, they are gorgeous, not dissimilar to OA. These were such a bargain, with some special offers at Creative Craft World, the collection pack worked out at just £8.97 including postage! I have started to cut into them this space!
Right, better go dry my hair.
Night xx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A Long Old Week

It's been a hectic and rather stressful week here. On Monday my nephew Jake had a 6.5 hour operation to straighten his spine with two titanium rods so it's been a week of worrying, waiting, babysitting his little brother and visiting. He's doing really well considering what he's been through and today he has really turned a corner, and has been moved from HDU to a normal ward.

Unfortunately though I have been unable to see him today as I have got a cold. I got to see him on Tuesday, (not for long after spending 40 mins trying to park!!) but he was still very drowsy and not really himself so I am pretty desperate to see him. The doctors are hopeful that he will be home in a couple of days so I am resting up and trying to fight this off so I can see him really soon. Until then I am so grateful for camera phones!!

Anyway, today I had a few hours at home so had a play with my June gogo kit that arrived on Tuesday. It's absolutely lush and I am really pleased that I went for some of the add on bits cos there are some fabby new things to try out. So these are the layouts....
This photo isn't great but was one of those times where I just had to record the story. Without scrapbooking I would have probably looked back and thought, that's a rubbish photo and forgotten about the story! I am loving the AC puffy shapes and the Zing embossing powder.
The second one is of my trip to Weston-Super-Mud at half term.
I used one of the puffy shapes as a mask with the Smooch Spritz. Those tickets are LUSH!!
Another close up....
Off for some sleep!
Night xxxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

And Some More......

The next few pages of Chloe's book. This one has a flap......

I was especially pleased with this page. I'm getting into this project now and the pages are coming much easier, I'm trying to make the double page spreads echo each other so that they flow nicely and I only have to think of one idea instead of two!!
TFL xxx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Catch Up

I've been working really hard on the book for my friend's daughter's 21st so I thought I'd catch you up, gradually on the pages that I've done. So here are the next few pages. I've taken some sketches from magazines to give me ideas!

Hope you like xx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I've been trying unsuccessfully for days to take some decent photos of these layouts and this evening was third time lucky. All are done with my May gogo kit.

This one with a hipstamatic pic of a yummy scrummy baby neck!
Look.....a flower on a boy layout!!
Next my Yearbook page. With all the birthdays this month it was obvious what the theme of this page would be.....

Wedding dress shopping took up a fair amount of my time this month so that made the other page.....

I am totally loving this kit, the colours are so yummy. It's pretty much down to the dregs now but I might be able to squeeze one more layout from it!! Looking forward to the new one comng on Monday.
TFL xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Wow what a week I have had! I had lots of good intentions to spend lots of time crafting and ended up doing barely any! I have spent the best part of two days wedding dress shopping again, a day seeing my cousin and her little ones, went for cocktails and to see Sex and the City 2, spent a very drunken evening watching a gig and finished the week with a trip to Weston-Super-Vegas! I did get a couple of hours in the craft room yesterday and made a start on a thank you present for my friend for our day out on Friday.......

Also this week I was very excited to recieve an email from dotcomgiftshop to tell me that I was on their list of 50 more superb craft blogs! You can see the list here.
Have a good sunday xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So today my last Butterfly Crafts challenge went live. The visual challenge is to take inspiration from this ad.
The colour combo of pink and aqua is one of my faves so I went with that and of course it's not often that I do a layout without flowers or butterflies so it came quite easily once I started. As a bonus the colours fitted perfectly with the Crate Paper in my gogo kit.
So that's it, I am officially DT-less now, which makes me really sad. I love the creative challenge of a DT post so am now on the look out for DT calls, let me know if you spot any good ones. I do have GDT spots coming up for ATDML and Banana Frog so at least I have those to look forward to for now.
Today's shopping trip was a very successful one, we found 'The One' 34th time lucky! It's so stunning it brought tears to my eyes and as soon as she tried it on we both just knew. We are taking her future SIL and MIL to see it on Thursday, I can't wait to see it again. I also had a turn at trying on some bridesmaids dresses which was fun, I tried one that I had already spotted online and it looks like that will be the one I go for, it is gorgeous. Ahhhh so exciting!
ETA, I just wanted to make it known that I do moderate all comments and will reject any that are blatant blog pimping, I've been getting a lot lately and they don't get published. I only want comments from lovely people who are genuinely interested, thank you xxx