Tuesday, 1 June 2010


So today my last Butterfly Crafts challenge went live. The visual challenge is to take inspiration from this ad.
The colour combo of pink and aqua is one of my faves so I went with that and of course it's not often that I do a layout without flowers or butterflies so it came quite easily once I started. As a bonus the colours fitted perfectly with the Crate Paper in my gogo kit.
So that's it, I am officially DT-less now, which makes me really sad. I love the creative challenge of a DT post so am now on the look out for DT calls, let me know if you spot any good ones. I do have GDT spots coming up for ATDML and Banana Frog so at least I have those to look forward to for now.
Today's shopping trip was a very successful one, we found 'The One' 34th time lucky! It's so stunning it brought tears to my eyes and as soon as she tried it on we both just knew. We are taking her future SIL and MIL to see it on Thursday, I can't wait to see it again. I also had a turn at trying on some bridesmaids dresses which was fun, I tried one that I had already spotted online and it looks like that will be the one I go for, it is gorgeous. Ahhhh so exciting!
ETA, I just wanted to make it known that I do moderate all comments and will reject any that are blatant blog pimping, I've been getting a lot lately and they don't get published. I only want comments from lovely people who are genuinely interested, thank you xxx


Anne said...

Fab layout and an excellent photo! I've been out of blogland for a while so am feeling a little out of touch - how did the uni applications go in the end? I see it says on your side bar that you begin in September...

Polly said...

I love aqua and pink too - they're SO yummy together.

Wedding shopping is such fun isn't it? My B'maid dress for September arrived last week and I'm so happy it's gorgeous.

Clare said...

gorgeous layout babe, you won't be DT less for long if anyone has any sense!! C x

Anonymous said...

aaah, super-sweet layout and what a great photo!! It's just perfect for the inspiration poster. Have you tried ScrapScene for DT calls etc? I'm sure they don't list absolutely everything but there's quite a bit of DT news on there. Worth a try.