Friday, 30 January 2009

Real Life Stash

Had a lovely trip to Paperarts today, was really pleased with what I bought, I felt like I made £20 go a long way! I bought two Amy Butler Mat pads, some Bazzill Just the Edge Strips, a Sharpie Pen, some Doodlebug Boutique trims, a big pack of K&Co letter stickers and two Imaginisce Stamps.......I have spent the evening playing with my new stash and was really pleased with what I discovered with the Bazzill strips. I couldn't decide what colour to buy so I chose white so that I could colour it myself. I inked a strip of butterflies in pink ink and let it dry, I then stamped with versa mark a swirly pattern and embossed with clear powder. Here is the result......
Sorry its not the best photo. Here is what I did with it.....

Wasn't I sweet?! (but unfortunately not elegant!!). I was really chuffed with my thriftiness in this one, the little tree on acetate is from the packaging of one of the stamps I bought today!! I just couldn't throw it away. I did do another LO too but its still drying.

Have big scrapping plans for tomorrow...... How many do you think I'll get done??

Will be back tomorrow with lots of pics!

B x

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Not a January Afternoon but an October one!

Its official, I'm addicted! Yes, today I am the proud owner of the Daydream and Hometown collections and half of the Nightlight Collection, but they are just so lovely I can't help myself, look......

There are only 15 sheets but I had to show you both sides as they are equally as fab front and back. I have a stack of photos ready for my lovely day on Saturday, I reckon we should start a book on how many layouts I can do...... any guesses??

Am working on a really wacky project at the minute with my darts photos, its a real departure from my usual style but its quite liberating to just go wild, will show some pics soon.

Big day tomorrow, Mum and I are taking Julie on her first trip to Paperarts, can't wait, I know I internet shop all the time but there's nothing like real life stash in the flesh!!!!

Best go and get my sleep, I'll need plenty of energy for tomorrow.

Night xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lazy Blogger!

Well it feels like ages since I posted, after my dentist trip yesterday I was just too tired but I've a lot to show you today to make up for it! Have just spent a lovely evening with my Scrapaholix Club at Kim's house, haven't finished my project yet so will tell you more about that in a day or two. I have been busy crafting but haven't really finished anything to show you yet but I have just realised I have a whole week of 365 pictures to show you so here goes........

22.1: My attempts to look after my teeth by replacing sweets with raisins, but now my craft room floor resembles the bottom of a rabbit cage!!

23.1: Spent a rather musical evening at Jue and Robs.
24.1: Mum bought me this cute cupcake, I didn't eat all the icing, honest!!
25.1: Frank made himself at home under my desk.
26.1: Naughtiness!
27.1: My crammed notice board
28.1: The little paw print on Boo's collar.
I am really getting into this now and find that I automatically am thinking about it everyday, I hope I can keep it up.

I took delivery of a very exciting parcel today, an order from Ellison. In their sale I bought 8 dies including an alphabet that is usually £28 for £22 including postage, which was in my book very steep (at nearly £5!) but to get all of that for less than the alphabet would have been normally was such a bargain that I let it slide. I bought 1 sizzlit alphabet, 1 strip alphabet, 1 large die, 3 Clearlits and 2 Sizzlits!!!! Am now waiting for a parcel of yet more October Afternoon papers, I have to try them all out before the new ones come out, hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

Can't wait til Saturday, I'm looking after all Kim and Rich's pets for the day while they are at a fencing tournament, so I get to spend a whole day in the craft heaven that is Kim's work room!! I'm gonna get loads of photos printed and scrap the day away........... lovely.

Anyway, I think thats it for now, time for bed......

Night xx

Monday, 26 January 2009

Too Cool for School

Happy Monday everyone!! Just thought I'd catch you up with my creations from the weekend, I'm really on a roll at the moment, spending loads of time crafting, just hope it stays that way! Firstly, I'm hoping to go back to uni in September to train to be a teacher, as I already have student loans I'm gonna have to be really careful with my money, no designer stationary from Paperchase and the like. So with that in mind I have started making a collection of stationary of my own using cheap lined paper from the supermarket, scraps of paper and chipboard, a few embellishments and binding with the BIA. Here's what I've made so far:

I'm really pleased with them and I know nobody will have the same as me!!! Also did another LO for my book of me. I loved doing this one, because of the mound of buttons I bought in the fantastic Fidgeons Crafts sale I didn't have to be stingy with them so it felt rather indulgent. I just love the rich colours and adore the black glitter Thickers. Sorry the photo isn't great, it does look better in the flesh.

I have found my feet with the 365 project now and over the weekend actually found myself having several pics to choose from. As I have a rather invasive dental procedure tomorrow, I'm thinking I probably won't be feeling like crafting so hopefully I'll be able to catch you up with my 365 tomorrow.

My Mum gave me a great idea yesterday, she has made a fab year book with the Cosmo Cricket TSV I bought her for Christmas. I thought it would be great to make one myself and use it as a creative journal so I can document some of my fave projects throughout the year, particularly the ones I make as gifts so I have a record of them. So thats what I'm off to do now.

Have a great day xx

Saturday, 24 January 2009

I'll be Frank with you......

Have had a great day today, a lazy morning, pottering about the house, then an hour in my craft room.... more on that another day. I spent the rest of the day at Sarah and Laurence's, Sarah and I sorted out loads of her work ready for her portfolio, then Lol cooked us steak and all the trimmings. After tea we had a right laugh watching the Take That dvd (we weren't laughing at TT, but at our singing and dancing!). I managed to get some really cute pics of Frank, surprisingly he sat really still for a couple of minutes but then he got a bit scared of the flash and went a bit nutty!! I'll leave you with a pic of the little fella.....

Isn't he lush?

TFL xx

The Sound of Music

So I promised to tell you more about yesterday and post some piccies so here goes. On Thursday I was thinking about my friends birthday coming up, I can't really afford to buy great presents at the moment but she always buys lovely pressies so I wanted to give her something thoughtful, so I decided to make memory books, one for each of her kids, that she could put her own photo's in. I'm really pleased with them, I had great fun making them, just hope she likes them now....

In the evening we went to my Auntie's, Harry was playing his drums and Matt and Josh were songwriting, what with that and a Seasick Steve evening on the telly there was a musical feel in the air so I decided I'd get Harry to teach me the drums. It's so hard when your doing something different with each of your limbs! I took a while but I learnt a couple of rythyms, one day I'll learn properly and have good arm muscles. I might even be able to do it without my stupid concentrating face eventually.......

Anyway, I'd better get up now, have got loads to do. Have a great weekend xx

Friday, 23 January 2009

I'm Beat....

Just a quickie post tonight, am just too tired to upload photos. My cousin Harry gave me a little bit of a drum lesson this evening, I really enjoyed it but am exhausted! I haven't found a cure for the CHA fever yet but I've found that the best treatment for it is visiting the October Afternoon blog, the new papers are too die for, I just love how seasonal their papers are, check it out on my blog list. Will post all the piccies from today in the morning. Night xx

Thursday, 22 January 2009


I am rapidly catching CHA fever, UKS is buzzing with it. CHA (The Craft and Hobbies Association, I think?!!) have their winter show in Anaheim CA next week, this is where anybody who's anybody in the craft world launch their new seasons products. There are lots of sneak peeks coming through and there is some FAB stuff, need to save up so I can buy some of it once it appears on the shelves! I've been checking out Becks Fagg's blog cos she's giving away loads of sneak peeks and insider info, check it out there's a link in my fave blogs. Anyway I'm having my creative flow interrupted this morning by my hosp appointment but as soon as I get back I'll be cosying up in my craft room. Have a good day, B xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More 365

I'm struggling a little with getting into this project. I think its because I don't know what my pictures should be of, should it be random or should it be more emphasis on documenting my year? I'm hoping that this is something that will just naturally happen as I get a bit further in. I also think my difficulties could be down to the fact that I haven't actually 'done' anything since I started doing this, I've spent most of my time this week in my craft room so maybe when I get out and about a bit more it may become easier. I'm still getting used to the new camera too... Anyway enough excuses, lets see what you think........

I suppose in a way even the more random ones are documentary in a way, I had a parcel delivered today that contained a HUGE bag of buttons!

Anyway off to get some sleep.......hopefully xxx

Flying Visit

Just a quickie, wanted to post my latest creation but am getting ready for some scrapping with friends this eve so here it is......

I was cute once!!! Have discovered the greatest thing, cutting felt and foam letters on the sizzix, like homemade Thickers, Anyway better go, B xx

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New Stash

Had some goodies delivered today, some more Thickers, they were a bargain!! And some October Afternoon Papers, here are some piccies....

Have been using some of it already on this layout of a photo I've been meaning to scrap for ages (Han, you'll love this)...I used the Weathervane and Country Fair papers, Tinsel Thickers, MM Tiny Alphas, Birds Galore Stamps and a couple of other bits of stash. Here's the Layout I did last night.....

I got the idea from one of my faves on UKS, I used mainly scraps and just love the colours.

And finally when I am asked what I was doing when the 44th President Elect of the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama, was inaugerated, I can say I was BLOGGING!!!!

B xxx

Monday, 19 January 2009

I've Been a Busy Bunny

I've done 4 LO's today!!!! 3 for Mollie's album and 1 for mine, haven't photographed mine yet cos the glossy accents was still wet, but here are the others.....

I kept these quite simple as there isn't much time. I also took my 365 pic which I will post in a few days when I have several to show you. Am off to have nightmares about drills and pink mouth wash!!!! B xx

Yesterdays News

Here a photo's of the layouts I couldn't post yesterday. Have just sent the orange one to the SI gallery so fingers crossed everyone!

I even managed to use one of the little journalling blocks I made the other day, aren't you impressed!! I am completely exhausted after another horrible dental appointment (and i have two more to look forward to.....NOT) so I might do some scrapping later, but am gonna chill out for a bit first. As long as I get my 365 photo taken.......

B xx

Sunday, 18 January 2009

365 A Late Start

I've been thinking for a while that I wished I had started the 365 photo a day project for 2009 so after taking a couple of good photos (and buying a new camera!) I thought I'd start a bit late! These are my first two photos.....

17.1.09: A Sneaky photo of Max

18.1.09: Stella in one of her usual spots

I did a fair bit of scrapping today too. After a bit of faffing around trying to get inspired I managed to do a layout for Mollie's album for her first birthday and a layout of when we took Max to the museum. Both turned out really well but I left it a little late to photo, the light wasn't good enough, so I will add piccies tomorrow.

Dad put up the shelf in our craft room today, its really useful, gives us a bit more space on the desk and makes it feel nice and organised, just how I like it! Here's a pic, its the little shelf just above the desk...

Have to go back to the dentist in the morning, I'm really nervous, this appointment shouldn't be too bad but I know I'm gonna have to go back for a course of treatment and possibly an extraction.... I'll try not to think about it! Wish me luck!!!

Will post my layouts tomorrow.

B xx

Pimp That Snack

Ages ago, Jake and I discovered the website Pimp that Snack, its great fun, people make massive versions of their favourite snack foods, there are jaffa cakes, creme eggs, chocolate bars etc etc etc! So anyway, ever since we saw it I've been promising Jake that we would give one of our own a go. So yesterday, while we were babysitting we made this....

A giant chocolate Jazzy, nice and simple, although Jake ended up plastered in chocolate with hundreds and thousands EVERYWHERE! Bless him, he really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to show his dad when he got home.

Am gonna spend the day in my craft room today, (when I eventually get up...hehe!). Dad's in there putting up a shelf so I might have a bit of a tidy up in there first. Will try and post later.

TFL xx

Friday, 16 January 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

Wow, what a good day I've had.. well not all day. Went shopping with Mum and Dad this morning, we went to Tesco and it was manic and really tiring so I wimped out, bought a magazine and sat in the cafe with a Latte.
We then went to B&Q to look at shelves for my craft room, this was the low point of the day..... Dad managed to reverse my car into someones front bumper! Luckily there was no damage to my car, well I don't think there was, its hard to tell cos of the dirt and the dent Dad already put in there!! (He's never done anything to his car!)
Anyway, things got better from there. I thought I'd better check my internet banking, see how bad things were looking and to my surprise, it was much better of than expected. After few phone calls, it turns out that I'm entitled to more money now and even got a Cold Weather Payment! How infirm do I feel??? I'm not complaining though.
After my little windfall I decided to go and buy the camera I'd been saving up for, I thought I'd need to add a bit to my savings but as it turned out it was cheaper than I thought so I even got change to put back in my money box! Bargain.
With all this excitement my creative juices got flowing and I thought I'd have a go at doing a transparent layout. I found some Papermania Transparencies cheap in a sale and I'd seen a couple of really inspiring LO's whilst blog hopping, I even dusted down the sewing machine!
I'm really quite proud of the results....

Its not very easy to photograph a transparent LO (even with a flashy new camera!) but I think you get the idea. I also used some DCWV glitter card, machine threads, Paperchase Stickers and fairy light trim, MM word fetti and tiny alphas, Cappucino Thickers, and various letter stickers. Thanks to the ladies on UKS who gave me tips on stitching on acetate.


B xxx

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lets Play Darts!!!!

Have spent a lovely afternoon and evening in my craft room today, I am trying to come up with an idea for what to do with all my pics of us watching the darts, but in the meantime I decided to do a layout about my fave sport for my Book of Me....

I had some new Basic Grey Offbeat papers which I was dying to use and they fitted well with this pic cos of the colours in Wes's pirate hat. I heat embossed circles onto the background to give a dartboard type effect but I didn't want to go overboard! I handstitched a border to balance the reds and went to town with rick rack and trim. I finished off with a Thicker title and some journalling with one of my own design stamps.

If anyone has any ideas of what I could do with about 10 5x3 pics of us watching darts then feel free to leave a message.

Night xx