Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lazy Blogger!

Well it feels like ages since I posted, after my dentist trip yesterday I was just too tired but I've a lot to show you today to make up for it! Have just spent a lovely evening with my Scrapaholix Club at Kim's house, haven't finished my project yet so will tell you more about that in a day or two. I have been busy crafting but haven't really finished anything to show you yet but I have just realised I have a whole week of 365 pictures to show you so here goes........

22.1: My attempts to look after my teeth by replacing sweets with raisins, but now my craft room floor resembles the bottom of a rabbit cage!!

23.1: Spent a rather musical evening at Jue and Robs.
24.1: Mum bought me this cute cupcake, I didn't eat all the icing, honest!!
25.1: Frank made himself at home under my desk.
26.1: Naughtiness!
27.1: My crammed notice board
28.1: The little paw print on Boo's collar.
I am really getting into this now and find that I automatically am thinking about it everyday, I hope I can keep it up.

I took delivery of a very exciting parcel today, an order from Ellison. In their sale I bought 8 dies including an alphabet that is usually £28 for £22 including postage, which was in my book very steep (at nearly £5!) but to get all of that for less than the alphabet would have been normally was such a bargain that I let it slide. I bought 1 sizzlit alphabet, 1 strip alphabet, 1 large die, 3 Clearlits and 2 Sizzlits!!!! Am now waiting for a parcel of yet more October Afternoon papers, I have to try them all out before the new ones come out, hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

Can't wait til Saturday, I'm looking after all Kim and Rich's pets for the day while they are at a fencing tournament, so I get to spend a whole day in the craft heaven that is Kim's work room!! I'm gonna get loads of photos printed and scrap the day away........... lovely.

Anyway, I think thats it for now, time for bed......

Night xx


Kate said...

owwwww being on a diet sucks, that cupcake looks so yummy :)

Look forward to seeing some of your creations.

Much love Kate xx

Clare Bird said...

Where did Mum get that cupcake? Where's mine?!!

beksynormz said...

It wasn't a great cup cake, I promise, Mum makes much better ones!! xx

Rachael said...

Hi loving the look of that cupcake!!! I got that tape from America, it came as a set of 3 pale blue, pink and clear. Have a look on ebay thats where I got mine.