Thursday, 29 January 2009

Not a January Afternoon but an October one!

Its official, I'm addicted! Yes, today I am the proud owner of the Daydream and Hometown collections and half of the Nightlight Collection, but they are just so lovely I can't help myself, look......

There are only 15 sheets but I had to show you both sides as they are equally as fab front and back. I have a stack of photos ready for my lovely day on Saturday, I reckon we should start a book on how many layouts I can do...... any guesses??

Am working on a really wacky project at the minute with my darts photos, its a real departure from my usual style but its quite liberating to just go wild, will show some pics soon.

Big day tomorrow, Mum and I are taking Julie on her first trip to Paperarts, can't wait, I know I internet shop all the time but there's nothing like real life stash in the flesh!!!!

Best go and get my sleep, I'll need plenty of energy for tomorrow.

Night xx

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