Sunday, 18 January 2009

Pimp That Snack

Ages ago, Jake and I discovered the website Pimp that Snack, its great fun, people make massive versions of their favourite snack foods, there are jaffa cakes, creme eggs, chocolate bars etc etc etc! So anyway, ever since we saw it I've been promising Jake that we would give one of our own a go. So yesterday, while we were babysitting we made this....

A giant chocolate Jazzy, nice and simple, although Jake ended up plastered in chocolate with hundreds and thousands EVERYWHERE! Bless him, he really enjoyed it and couldn't wait to show his dad when he got home.

Am gonna spend the day in my craft room today, (when I eventually get up...hehe!). Dad's in there putting up a shelf so I might have a bit of a tidy up in there first. Will try and post later.

TFL xx

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