Monday, 12 January 2009

I did it!!

I faced my fear of the dentist, and don't I wish I did it years ago before it got so bad that my first trip back was so traumatic but hey, its over now. I had about a dozen injections and it was still hurting but I just couldn't face the needle again so I got on with it, he removed the filling and gave me a new temporary one. I'm now on antibiotics and have to go back next week for an xray to see if he can save it or not. I was so scared that I even had to take my Mum in with me! But she said I was brave!!! Anyway, I am cosied up, waiting for the feeling to come back, (I'm starving), and playing with my flash new mobile! Am hoping I will feel up to some crafting later, so maybe I will post again. B xx

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