Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I've not had a great day today, I woke up with a really bad neck, so stiff I could hardly move it and in absolute agony. Initially I thought it was from overdoing it but on second thoughts it could be when I lifted one of the little ones up to look at some Naked Mole Rats!! Anyway, I had a class planned with two friends tonight that I very nearly cancelled but I carried on cos I thought it would take my mind off of it. I'm glad I did and the others were glad too cos they produced fab layouts.

Here is mine...
This is Mum's.....
This one's Julie's....
And this one is Deb's
Gorgeous aren't they? They're trying some really quite adventurous techniques now and getting confident too.
I'm waiting for 4 parcels!! It's not as bad as it sounds, I haven't spent much but I couldn't find everything I wanted in one place. I'm hoping the parcels will bring me some inspiration as I've struggled for the last few days. I know I'll definitely get one tomorrow as I had a missed parcel card, must have been a different postie cos mine always leaves my parcels round the back for me. I'm pretty sure 2 others will come too but knowing my luck they'll arrive when I'm out collecting the first one!
Well I'm off now to try and get comfy for the night!
TFL xx


Clare said...

The layouts are fab Beks, they must have a good teacher! Hope yer neck feels better soon. It's not swine flu is it? have you any rashers anywhere? LOL x

Kit said...

love this layout and those little circular flowers are so cute

Best Wishes Kit x