Sunday, 4 September 2011

Document 2011 August

I'm liking the new blogger! Don't want to speak too soon but think it's gonna be a bit more user friendly...well I hope it is anyway!  Thought it was time I shared my eighth installment of my document 2011, I'm actually onto my second album for this, I'm really happy with it but think next year's yearbook project is going to have to be a little less involved as I hope to be somewhat busier!

So firstly the pocket page, containing cinema tickets, I never go to the cinema but I went twice in August, I watched One Day and the Inbetweeners.  There are also tickets from our day at the race track.  I had an idea for these pocket pages, at the end of the year I am going to tear the pages from my calendar and pop them into the corresponding pockets in my album so I have a record of everything I did.  I tend to use my calendar to write down what I have done rather than what I am going to do, I use my diary for that, so every little detail tends to go on it. Just thought it would be a good idea as a snapshot of my year.
It took me a while to decide what to do for my focus page but what really stood out was what a packed month I had.  I really made the most of the holidays this year as I knew it would be my last as a student and I had the best summer ever. So I got lots of little photos printed small and squeezed them all onto the page!
And then the pocket pages.....Jenny and Lee's engagement *exciting*, Jess and Me taking part in Operation Cup of Tea during the riots, Mine and Jenny's wedding film marathon/duvet day and Jenny's birthday cake. (You can see a theme's great having teacher friends to keep you entertained in the hols!!)
Then a crafty day making 'infinity' dresses with Sarah and Jayne, I will do a post on that sometime! A day at the race track with three of my nephews (2 of which are as into motor racing as me!!) Our attempts at Planking!! And tapas night.
Sorry if I've waffled on but at least I had lots to talk about this month!!  I have another two weeks before I go back to uni but now the schools are back I feel like I should be getting back to work mode.  I'm spending tomorrow with a friend working on our science subject knowledge project...not fun but has to be done! I am also working on a bit of a new crafty project but more on that this space!!

TFL xxx

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Jackie xxx said...

Love your pages and you have been busy.