Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pack Up Your Troubles!

It's been a funny couple of days, I feel as if I have been really busy but at the same time I haven't been feeling good at all (and sleeping badly) so have been resting a lot. I think its cos I have so much to think about and plan, with going away for a fortnight on Friday, that I feel I've been busy when I haven't (iykwim!).

After feeling so good for a couple of weeks and sleeping so well this set back left me feeling dissappointed but I had a smile put on my face when my Scrapbook Inspirations arrived. I knew I was going to be in the new 'Meet the Reader' feature but didn't know which issue it would be in, but the letter I had printed was a total surprise. To be honest it was so long ago I had forgotten I'd sent it! I am waiting excitedly now to see what will be in the goody bag I've won, although I'm not holding my breath cos I know Future publishing don't hurry these things!

I've been on a bit of a baking mission recently. I love to bake, my Mum has always said how important it is that children learn to cook so I was baking from an early age but although I can make a lovely tasting cake, the icing has always let it down a little. It didn't look horrible, but never looked as pretty as the cupcakes you see in magazines or books! So I bought an icing bag and a big nozzle and managed to create these little beauties.....

Complete with edible glitter. I've had a stamp for a little while that says 'A Litttle Yummy for your Tummy' and hadn't had a chance to use it yet so I made these for the teachers I work with when I volunteer at school...
I'm gonna take them in tomorrow, I really hope they like them.
So on Friday we are off on our annual Easter holiday. This year we are staying longer as we have our own caravan now so can come and go as we please (heaven!). The problem with this is packing. I HATE packing, for some reason I can just never get my head around what I need to take or how much. Add to this the complication that last year we had snow on the first day and up to 20 degrees of sunshine later in the week, and, the fact that we need walking gear and something smart for my cousins Christening! As you can see it doesn't make for travelling light. Luckily we are taking two cars but it's wearing me out just trying to plan it all. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact that I cannot possibly have a stash free fortnight, especially when I won't be able to go on all the walks so will be on my own from time to time, so have to pack that too! I'll need the holiday to recover from the packing

I'm in school tomorrow and we are off to the church for the Easter service which will be fun, trying to keep 29 four year olds quiet in a very echoey church! At least they are the smallest so we'll get to sit at the front!
I've just realised what a text heavy post this is so I'll be off now!
Night xx


Annie said...

I would be very, very happy if someone gave me a little cupcake like that. Lucky teachers!

Clare said...

Those cakes are gorgeous Beks, You really will be teachers pet! C x