Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Here are the two LO's that I promised to show you. This one with photos taken at the weekend....

And this one of me learning to walk...
I still feel like this one isn't quite finish but I'm sure something will spring to mind soon.
Had a fab time in school today, we were in the hall watching Honk! all morning so it was nice and easy and I haven't come home in need of 4 hours complete rest! The children in it were brilliant and the children watching were mesmerized. If you are in the Bristol area look out for them in the evening post in the next few days.
Today I am feeling old as my baby neice is 22 years old today! Happy Birthday Hannah Rose xx
Anyway, my tea is smelling quite delicious so I'd better go
TFL xxx

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Angie Hagist said...

Now that is QUITE a great mix of OA papers!! Awesome job!