Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Up Beat

When I woke up today and saw what a miserable day it was the last thing I felt like doing was going to the hospital but it had to be done so I dragged myself out of bed. The appointment went well but I ended up having to park so far from the department and when I got there I had to do a step test and walking test so by the time I got home I felt yuck. So haven't felt up to much the rest of the day, I was even supposed to go out tonight but just felt too rubbish so cosied up in bed nice and early to watch Mistresses. Anyway, there was a ray of sunlight in my day... my Stampin Up goodies finally arrived!!!!!

I bought StazOn, clear buttons and some Stampin Around wheels....
Some fabby tab stamps with a matching punch which I am gonna use on so many mini books!

A big pile of stamps, my fave is the Polka Dot Background stamp which is gonna be soooo useful.
And the best bit, a complete collection of the inks which were completely FREE!!

I've been especially looking forward to the Polka dot stamp coming cos I really wanted to make these labels for my customised storage, I cut the owls from the scraps of wrapping paper left over and covered them with glossy accents. Am leaving them to dry overnight and will stick them on tomorrow.
Anyway, am trying to relax as much as possible now as there was a little concern this morning as my resting heart rate was well over 100!! Luckily I have reflexology in the morning which is guaranteed to chill me out, unfortunately it is followed by a dentist appt but I hope it will take the edge off it.
Night xx


Laura said...

Beautiful tags! I love them!

L x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tags!
Wow I love those SU inks, I have not seen them like that before and I go to workshops every month! Crazy. Was it a special offer or something? Or hostess offer?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I have ordered the bold brights set on my stampers 10, and then next time I'll be ordering the other lot, can't say no to all those good quality inks!

Clare Bird said...

Am so goin to nick your storage ideas!!

Alison5 said...

Loving your tags and how great is it to get all those inks free, how did you manage that?