Thursday, 19 March 2009

Time Flies

This project is making me realise how quickly time goes. It only seems like yesterday I posted the last lot of photos and now I have another weeks worth! So here they are:

13.3: Wear Something Red day at school
14.3:Max basking in the spring sunshine
15.3: My delightful nephews who always know when to strike a model pose.
16.3: mmmmm Rolos
17.3: Display in our classroom that I helped to do.
18.3: These are not just slippers, they are my new most comfy pair in the world slippers!

I'm off for the weekend to my parents caravan tomorrow so this weekends photos should be good ones. Am a little worried about how I will cope without broadband (I will barely even have phone signal!). So have a lovely weekend and I will see you all back here in blogland on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm Rolos! I've not had any since I've been on my diet, how good am I?!
Those slippers look so comfy too!

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Can I have your last Rolo???

Steph x