Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

I won't be celebrating St Pats this year like I used to, especially not like the year I only drank things that were green or Irish (believe me Guiness, Baileys and Green alchopops do not mix!!) When I was a dancer it was a big event, we use to go round the Irish bars dancing or doing big displays in all kinds of places and it was so much fun but not this year but hey, there will be plenty more.

To mark the occasion I thought I would do a LO of a photo of me in my dancing days. This months GoGo kit was just perfect colours so I managed to create this....
I had this photo taken at a competition where I did really well, the journalling says about how I wasn't expecting to do very well and was actually in another hall watching a friend when the results were read out and my Mum had to come and find me!

This LO is of when we went out for Curry last week, I managed to snap my Dad singing his head off! The title was partially inspired by a LO on Lauras's blog where she used a misheard song lyric as a title. My Dad is absolutely famous for this for example 'I think I better deep fry it now' by Will Young, and his very favourite 'Chicken Tikka' by Abba! So it tied the LO up perfectly. The photo doesn't show it very well but I even used the string that was packaging something on my page (just below the n of chicken.)

Anyway enjoy the rest of St Patricks Day!

Slainte! (Cheers)


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Biskit said...

Fab LO's Beks!