Thursday, 12 March 2009

GoGo is coming to Town

When I found out that Scrapagogo were possibly coming to do a day event in Bristol I was so excited. So now less than a week later I have bought my ticket and am counting the days til the 19th of September, I just can't believe how quickly it's all come about, those GoGo girls are super women!! They even chose one of the venues which I suggested which is just fab cos it means that I can save my precious energy for scrapping and don't have to worry about the travel, yay!!!

I had a lovely surprise this evening when I checked out the Indigo Mill blog and saw this infact I'm still blushing! I was so grateful for the fab service that the lovely Steph provided that I sent her a little thank you gift and was so proud to see that she loved them enough to blog them.

Here are my next four 365 pics:
9.3: We dog sat!
10.3: My new cutie Cup Cake socks!

11.3: My Cousin Danielle at our curry night last night, (which I thoroughly enjoyed, it's usually the way when you don't feel like going that you end up having a ball!)
12.3: Chloe saying her fave word: 'Hiya'
I have a new camera to get used to, I had to take mine back today as it was faulty. I was really gutted because I had really got to grips with it and was really happy with it, but I'm sure I'll get my head round the new one. I should get a chance to practice when I go away next weekend.
Am in school in the morning, I think we are doing something Red Nosey, so I'm looking forward to that, although I will be rushing home as its time to start stalking the Postman for my yellow box of GoGo sunshine and mini kits from Indigo Mill. So tomorrow night will hopefully be spent in front of Comic Relief scrapping the night away.
Will you be doing something Funny for Money??
B xx


Clare Bird said...

You're so modest!

Anonymous said...

I have those sockies! Love them. Didn't do anything red nosey as our school are spoil sports but a few girls in my tutor did a sponsored silence. Mine was silence, but not sponsored!