Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Photo a Day

So another week has gone by! Here they are:
19.3: The little statue that stands on our mantelpiece.
20.3: Spring flower by the caravan.
21.3: A little garden gnome hiding in the undergrowth!
22.3: Wes skimming stones in the river on the campsite.
23.3: The layout I was working on.
24.3: Ducks waddling around by my cousins house.
25.3: Stella looking so pretty! Believe me, butter WOULD melt!
Still keeping up with it, infact I'm quite impressed with myself, didn't think I'd still be going now! The weather is vile today so I am staying in the warm and dry, scrapping and catching up with The Apprentice that I missed last night!
Have a lovely day xx

1 comment:

Lisa T. Howard said...

Loved the photos...and particularly loved your layouts. This would be my first visit. Found you while blog! Hope you enjoy your day of scrapping!