Monday, 23 March 2009

Destination Inspiration

I'm back! Wanted to share with you a few photos of my weekend:
Pew Tor, check out the blue sky!
The river that runs through the camp site.
Me enjoyng a book by a stream in the sunshine.

I seriously missed my stash this weekend. I had a good few hours that I could have very happily filled by scrapping and boy is this place inspiring. On saturday night, rather than sitting and pining for my scrapping stuff, I thought I'd be more productive and spent the time reading SBM and SI and writing down LOADS of ideas. I also wrote a list of at least 20 LO's that I want to do, so I have no excuse for scrappers block for ages!
I have done some scrapping today although I haven't had chance to take photos yet. I finished one LO that I've been working on for ages (not like me!) and did the first one from my list with pics of the weekend. Will blog them tomorrow.
Am going into school tomorrow, it is the school production this week so I get to see the preview which will be nice. Their performances are always great, the high point was possibly The Wizard of Oz in 1994, if I remember rightly there was a particularly high standard of munchkin that year!!!! SOOO glad I don't have photos!
Anyway off for an early night
TFL xxx

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