Saturday, 28 February 2009


Its been another busy day, started off with a long wait in a Post Office queue to Tax my car, then went to my Brothers and took the boys for a walk up the road to a bed shop for Mum and Dad to buy a matress. We had a giggle when Max asked the man if he slept there in the beds!! Then we came back and I did some scrapping, followed by an hour in front of the telly. Did you watch Let's Dance? Keith and Paddy had me in tears it was soooo funny and what is it with all these male comedians with such womanly legs? Worrying.

Two more of my 365 photos and we should be up to date:
23.2: Spent an evening with all my lovely Body Shop girls so I took a photo of the logo on this towel Jen gave me.
24.2: Gary the Snail that sits on my shelf!
We should now be up to date and I'll bring you another weeks worth on Wednesday.
So tomorrow I plan to go to Paperchase, energy permitting, all I have to decide is Bristol or Bath? Or maybe I should make the choices a little clearer, Patisserie Valerie or Thorntons Cafe??? What would you do?
B x

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