Thursday, 26 February 2009

Down in the Mouth

Ok, well today has not been a great day. I found out this morning that I didn't get into uni and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I know its not the end of the world and it probably wasn't meant to be but I was so excited about getting on with my life again that it felt like a right kick in the teeth (although I shouldn't say that cos teeth are a sore subject too!!!)

The one great thing about today was it made me realise what lovely people I have around me, I had so many lovely texts and phone calls, and my best friend even left work early to come and take me out for cake! Even my lovely cyber friends have had me close to tears with their sweet messages so particular thanks to the GoGo girls and the lovely Helen.

But now I'm not gonna dwell on it, as my good friend Jenny would say SUMO Shut Up and Move On! So eventually after the tears had dried I took myself to the craft room, watched Mistresses on iPlayer and made these.....

Some sweet little journalling blocks with some scraps from my GoGo kit. It was quite theraputic and I felt a lot more relaxed after doing this.

I also bought myself a little happy!! It wasn't my fault, it was Julie Kirk's. I check out her super funky blog regularly and she had posted about these fabulous quirky kits which just make me smile, and lets face it if they make me smile today they have to be worth buying (especially when they are only £4!) I went for the cupcake option but the russian dolls are so cute too, can't wait til it arrives.

I also have to tell you about the ongoing saga of the Stampin Up parcel. When I returned from another mammoth dentist appt on tuesday I was really excited to hear that it had arrived, I was then gutted to discover that it was less than half of the order and mine wasn't part of it. After chasing the rep then waiting for her to chase up the distribution centre in Germany it turns out there was a technical hitch and they are trying to sort it asap. They were very apologetic but what a bummer!! I want my stash!

I think I've chatted enough for this evening. Ironically I had organised to do my first mornings voluntary work at my old Primary School tomorrow so after a little agonising I decided I should carry on, I'll need the experience for when I do get a place, so I think a good nights sleep is in order if I am going to spend a morning with 30 4 year olds!


B xxxx

ps I haven't forgotten its 365 time, I'll share tomorrow!

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Helsbells said...

Awww Beks, I'm glad you being positive about everything. I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason - I'm sure something even better will happen soon!

Thos embellishments are lovely - great ideas!

I bought that Quirky Kit too yesterday - the russian dolls one. That's the trouble with being at home - I see loads of things that I just have to have ;)

Take care, Helen xx