Sunday, 22 February 2009


My mojo seems to have gone AWOL this weekend, it's been ever present for a while so I'm really missing it. I've felt like scrapping and had the time but couldn't seem to get into it. I did spend an hour or two this weekend making some fabric flowers which I am dead pleased with and will upload some piccies but that is about all. I'm hoping that in a day or two my HUGE Stampin Up parcel will arrive (between Mum and I and our freebies it should be £250 worth of stuff!) and get the juices flowing again.

I wanted to take this opportunity though to Thank you all for checking out my little blog, I've had so many hits, from a few countries and some lovely comments which are so great to read. Keep them coming, I love to know the bits that really catch your attention so that I can build on them. Oooh you can tell its the Oscars tonight, I've come over all Kate Winslet!!

I spent a lovely quiet afternoon with Mum today. We watched Meet Me In St Louis, I love old films and absolutley adore musicals, (much to everyones amusement,) and I've wanted to watch this one for a long time. It didn't dissapoint, so sweet, I often think the world would be a better place if we sang more often!! I think that sounds like a title for a LO (maybe thats my mojo coming back!!)

I was really excited to find a shop online last night that was already stocking Issue 3 of Creativity Life Mag so hopefully by tuesday I will be seeing myself and Clare in print, Yay!! Only problem was the minimum order value on the site was £10 so I had to buy 5 copies but I'm sure I'll get rid of them, (maybe if I sign them, haha!)

So tomorrow I plan to stay in, in the vain hope that my goodies will arrive, knowing my luck they won't but hopefully I will get scrapping again.

Will be back tomorrow with some pictures for you.

Night xx


Catherine said...

Stampin Up is a bit of an obsession with me at the moment haha!
I've been waiting ages for the next creativity life! Will have to go looking now!
Hope you get your mojo back soon!
Cath xx

Clare Bird said...

Don't worry about the mojo thing, it will return! you're probably worrying about another visit to the dentist. I love reading your blog and check it everyday, you're fab xxx