Thursday, 12 February 2009

GoGo Go

Right, time for a bit of a mammoth post! Last night we had a Stampin Up party, none of us had been to one before so we thought we'd give it a go and boy, was it worth it. There were 20 of us so it was a little chaotic but we managed to do £779 sales (the demonstrators highest ever party!) so were lucky enough to get £112 of free shopping and choose 3 free sets of stamps. Have to wait a little while for it to come but its exciting to look forward to.

So its time to catch you up with another week of my 365, I've been looking at some fantastic ones by other people this week so am feeling a little inferior, but am trying to reassure myself that this is purely documentry and not a photography project because for all the lessons I've had on the subject, I am still an accidental photographer. Hopefully this project will give me practice and I will improve.
6.2: I Baked Cupcakes
7.2: Molly
8.2: I told you todays would make you laugh!

9.2: Our posh new back doors

10.2: The Bear Factory Bunny we bought for Mollie's first birthday

11.2: Kim enjoying our Stampin Up Party

I've taken the plunge and subscribed to the Scrapagogo monthly kits, I figured it would be a great creative challenge to scrap with materials put together by somebody else. I bought a one off kit from last November to start me off as my first kit won't arrive for a month.
I absolutely love it already, the beauty of it is that everything coordinates but its not all from one company so you can put togther loads of layouts but they don't all look the same. By mixing and matching the different elements you can create some really different looks. I just couldn't wait to get stuck in so here are two layouts I've done with it so far....

When Jon and Phil turned up at Bottelino's in matching pink floral shirts, Jon wanted to die but Phil wound him up the whole time trying to hold his hand!!
This cloud paper was just perfect more snow pics from last week. I enjoying really mixing the different bits and pieces and making a really ecclectic look.
On the non-crafty side have had a good day too, I had an appointment with my OT today which was supposed to be my second to last with her but she said as I am now coping so well she is going to leave the last one open ended for me if I need it, this is really good news and I feel like I've come on so far from when I started the trial.
Secondly I finally submitted my application for uni today, I had real butterflies for a few hours after I'd done it, it's for real now, not just talking about it. On the downside I just can't imagine not having all this time to craft................
B xx


Rachael said...

Hi Beki, loving your gogo LOs, did you draw around that scalloped shape? Looks great anyway!!! You won't be disappointed with the kits, shame you won't get the Feb one it is lovely mind you March one looks pretty good too!!

Clare Bird said...

You're on a creative roller coaster!! I'm very proud of you, you'll be a great teacher, if not slightly mad! XXX

Katy said...

i keep thinking about getting this kit :D looks fab
Lovely lo's

Katy xx

Helsbells said...

I love those two layouts :D Really like how you've use the round scalloped sheet.

Great photos too.