Monday, 23 February 2009

Still Waiting

Evening all, just a quickie post to catch you up with my fabric flowers from the weekend....Cute huh? Also bought these really cute Jillibeans Journalling sprout (such a cute name!) from Indigo Mill...

Still no sign of the Stampin Up parcel, fingers crossed for tomorrow. Will give me something nice to look forward to after the dentist.

Have put a load of stuff for sale in the UKS market place so hopefully will have some extra money for stash soon!! Want to buy some more Thickers before the sale at Creative Craft World finishes on saturday!

Night xxx


Ali M said...

WOW..those flowers are gorgeous!!!

Julie said...

Hi - I have been called a facilitator before now while showing off with the Quirky kits!!! So glad it's cheered you up though :)

I just love those flowers you've made and am now going to hunt down those kraft journalling blocks - I really think I neeeeeed them! See - now you've got me spending!

I guess what goes around comes around eh?


Jane said...

Beki those fabric flowers are gorgeous!