Friday, 27 February 2009

Something to Sink Your Teeth Into

Evenin all, had a very busy morning today. I did my mornings volunteering. I loved it, had such a good time but boy did it wear me out. It felt good though as it has been soooo long since I've done any work. It did make me feel even more sad though that I didn't make the course because it just comfirmed that it is so what I want to do.

On a more positive note I had an email today to say that I have had a LO accepted for the weddings/fathers gallery in SI so was pleased about that.

Here is a little 365 catch up, I'm gonna do them a couple at a time cos a few require explanations!!
19.2: Scrapping
20.2: I went out for lunch with Mum, we had our main courses and then I popped to the loo, when I got back she said she had something for me that she'd forgotten to give me and produced from her bag the impressions I'd had taken at the dentist for my inlay that the nurse had given her 3 days before!! Can't believe she remembered it then!! Of course it was a great photo op!

21.2: Jakey trying to eat a donut without licking his lips!

22.2: Made my fabric flowers

The problem with wearing myself out this morning is that I had to rest this afternoon and therefore am now wide awake!! Maybe I'll see if I can get into a good book.

Night xx


klmpink said...

Hey Beki, glad your tickets arrived safe and sound hopefully you will get a chance to use them this weekend!!! Love your fabric embellishments by the way very prima-esque can't believe you made them yourself!!!

Alison5 said...

Congratulation on getting your lo accepted for SI, i'll look forward to seeing it. I love the fabric flowers.