Thursday, 23 July 2009

Schools Out

Finally I can put my feet up, it has been such a busy week but I should get used to it cos it'll only get busier when I'm a teacher! Last night I went to a leaving do at Mum and Dad's school, I've helped the teacher out with a couple of things so I was invited too. It was at the school, we had an amazing supper then played Singstar which was very funny. After that someone started a game of sardines, which was soooo much fun but also a little bit scary wandering around a dark school! I was stiff as anything this morning from spending ages curled up under desks and standing in a cupboard with about 20 people!

Anyway, today was the last day of term at my school so I decided to stay in all day, I'll suffer for it but hey, I have six weeks to recover! The day started off with a leavers service for three teachers although it was mainly focused on the one who was leaving after 18 years. It was very emotional but the kids did such a great job with their songs and poems. Paula was so grateful for her book and gift, I was so pleased to see her finally recieve it, it feels like it's been a really long job. After that I had loads to get done in the classroom to get prepared for the new little ones in September. I felt really awful re-labelling the drawers and coat pegs, like I was throwing our existing class out!

After school I popped home to get Mum and went back for a fairwell afternoon tea, it was really lovely to see quite a few of my old teachers and reminisce about fun times. One of my teachers left planning to hunt out some photos of a school play I was in, if she finds them they will be appearing in a layout or two!

Enough of that though, I have had a little splurge this week, well if I'm gonna have all this time to fill I need some stash with which to fill it!

Firstly a much needed D ring album which was actually a bit of a bargain.......
Then some rub ons, I'm usually a bit tight to buy rub ons, I think they can be a bit pricey and the same effect can be achieved with stamps, but I just fancied trying some again. Some of these were from ebay and some were in a sale....
Yet more OA papers, realised I never tried all of this collection and I have some plans for these..
Then these AC Flair badges, another thing I'm too tight to buy but these were a BARGAIN on ebay!
And some Prima flowers, also an ebay purchase!
So, as you can see I have plenty to keep me going. I have had a few plans for a couple of big projects that I have been saving until the holidays so I can't wait to get stuck in now. Also need to get on with this weeks Twisted sketch and Gogo birthday bash challenge. See, I won't have time to miss school!

Watch this space! xx

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