Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Lighter Way To Enjoy Scrapbooking!

Sorry I haven't been blogged much lately, I have been scrapping but mainly stuff I can't share. Today however, I've been working on a bit of a collaboration project, and I've not been collaborating with one or two people but over 200! The project is a book for a teacher who is leaving school after 18 years, I was at the school when she started. Every class has put together a few pages of pictures and messages and it was my job to put it all together.
Paula is really into music, drama etc so I decided to go with that as a theme for the book.
I used rainbow colours as I thought they set off the black and white manuscript paper really nicely.
This one's not a great photo but it shows the little tabs I added to each page to seperate each classes pages.

I also made a box for the book to be presented in....
There's a bit of a story behind this, over the years Paula has become famous for her Malteser addiction, every year at the end of term her pupils buy her boxes and boxes of them so I thought there was only one way to decorate this box....
I can't take a lot of the credit for this, my Graphic Designer best friend very kindly scanned and manipulated the Maltesers font to spell out the name for me. Then after having a bit of help from a lovely lady called Tina on UKS I cut it out on the Robo and added some shading and some photocopied choccies to make it authentic.
I must say that after lots of preparation and hard work, I am really pleased with it. I can't take it into school until Monday cos she's not in then so there's no chance of her seeing it, then it will be presented to her on Thurs 23rd, the last day of term. I just hope now that everyone, especially Paula, likes it!
TFL xx


Clare said...

It looks fantastic Beks, well done!

Kit said...

What a beautiful project :o)