Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Small Holding

So I've set up home for the week at my lovely friends Kim and Rich's while they are on holiday.  I am in sole charge of 2 chickens, 3 cats, 1 tortoise, 2 rats and lots of tropical fish!  It's quite a routine in the morning, mixing foods, defrosting foods, adding calcium powders for shells and clearing out chicken poop but I don't mind, especially because when it's all done I can settle down in the best craft room in town!

I am loving it and fully intend to stay in most of the week and make the most of it.  The evenings are a slightly different story, last night I was joined by my friends for tea, tonight is girly Take That dvd night, tomorrow more friends for tea, it's the kind of house that needs to have people in it!

Anyway, I popped home this aft as I knew there would be some post for me, and there was! A photobox order and a couple of bits I was waiting on from Joanna Sheen.  Also there was this....
I went online to order a big BIA wire and had to spend a minimum of £10 so just HAD to buy some more flowers and a top up of Puffy Thickers.  Don't you think all stash should come wrapped in leopard print tissue?!

I started this LO yesterday and finished it off this morning.  It's for this months Gogo academy, I deviated slightly from the prompt but hey, the prompt started the idea off so I'm sure that counts!
Bit of a close up...
I am spending some time pinching some ideas while I'm here, Kim is the queen of the mini book and I've been desperate for some ideas so I spent most of today looking at books and making up templates so I can try some different book ideas out.  Hopefully will have more to share on this subject soon.

Off to get the nibbles out and get the surround sound on for our evening with 4 lovely boys!!
B xxxx

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Clare said...

And very lovely they were too! Thanks for a fun night, was sooo good to get out! C xxx