Sunday, 15 January 2012

Have You Seen This??

Every month I love to read Julie's Month in Numbers posts.  I have even had a go myself once, but as I have a few OCD tendencies, I couldn't bring myself to fully get involved as I much prefer to start in January and work through the year (I know, I'm weird, I annoy myself with this but I can't help it!!) I once only made it a few weeks with Project 365 because I just couldn't cope with the fact that I started on january the 3rd!! So anyway, I plan to join in properly this year, especially as my Document project isn't going to be so in depth, I thought this would be a good way of recording several aspects of day to day life in one post and maybe a layout.  With this in mind I have spent a few minutes today, after being reminded by this post, making a dedicated notes file on my phone and recording a few numbers so that I am not scrabbling round at the end of the month and get into a good habit for the whole year!

Looking forward to starting this and seeing everyone else's 'Month in Numbers.'  Make sure you let Julie know if you're going to join in too!


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