Thursday, 5 January 2012

Document 2011: December

So one final installment of 2011 to share with goes December...

The pocket page, I used one of the little hearts that I crocheted as they featured quite heavily this Christmas, but more on that in another post! The pocket is packed with lots of bits and pieces, gift tags, place settings and a few photos that I didn't have space for.
 My focus page is a non Christmassy one, my nephews 18th...
 The first section of this one had to be covered up because it is a photo of the school nativity play, then there was Jan's 80th birthday party which was probably more raucous than your average 80th birthday party!!
 My last day volunteering in school, staff night out, my Christmas craftiness!
 Because of not doing a Christmas journal this year and having too much to fit in I decided to do two divided pages this month.  Christmas eve, my dessert table that I slaved away at, Chewie's Christmas jumper...too cute, Christmas Day.
 More Christmas day, a party with the girls and New Years Eve.
So that's 2011 all done and documented.

Back soon with my plans for a 2012 project xxx

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