Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Document 2011:November

Happy New Year!!

Hope 2011 was a good year for you and 2012 is treating you well so far!!

Before I share my round up of 2011 and my plans for 2012 I though I should catch you up with my Document 2011 project.  It's finally finished, it felt like a bit of a drag towards the end but I'm so glad I did it otherwise I don't think I'd have scrapped much this year at all!!

So this is November...
Because of my birthday and wanting to save a few special cards, the pocket page became a pocket on a pocket page!! All the pocket pages are now home to the corresponding page from my 2011 calendar too, so I can see exactly what I did each month.

The focus page was my night out for Emily's birthday.  We went in a limo and everything!!
 Divided page number 1...I ran out of divided protectors this month and as I haven't enjoyed them much I didn't have any intention of buying a big pack when I only needed a couple so I improvised! Had to be creative with these as I spent most of November holed up writing my essay! Few more snapshots from the big night out, my birthday.....
 In my rush to get the album finished and my desperation to find something to fill November's pages I inadvertently managed to use the same photo twice...oooops! More birthday, a wine/takeaway night, and the sports awards.
Back tomorrow with December xxx

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