Monday, 16 January 2012

Festive Treats!!

Sorry, I know you've all just got over Christmas but I just wanted to share something I did for Christmas Eve.  Once again, Pinterest has a lot to answer for!! For ages I'd been pinning lots of ideas for different Christmas themed baked goods and sweet treats, so I decided my contribution to our family Christmas Eve party would be a dessert table.

The photos are terrible I'm afraid but Christmas lights don't make for the best conditions!!
 Marshmallow reindeer pops!
 Oreo pops which were yummy!
 Mini Christmas tree cupcakes.
 My personal favourite, white chocolate dipped pretzels.
 Homemade iced gems.
 Mini santa hat cupcakes.
There were also chocolate drizzled tree marshmallows, chocolate buttons, christmas shaped biscuits, chocolate buttons, oreo truffles and chocolate dipped candy canes.

Needless to say it went down very well!


Jackie xxx said...

OMG - these look yummy. I love Pinterest x

Wendy said...

they all look sooo wonderful. Even the reindeers and pretzels and I don't like either marshmallows or pretzels :)