Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Little Something for a Little Someone (or two!)

Apologies for my lack of posting lately. It's not been lack of time or crafty things to show you that kept me away but I have been keeping a secret from a friend that I know reads my blog (hi Jen xx) so I thought it safer to keep quiet on tinternet for a few days!! It was a weird coincidence that I posted the layout last week about keeping a proposal secret from a friend because almost as soon as I blogged it a very similar thing happened again! I got a top secret email inviting me to an engagement party and I had to keep my mouth shut (if you know me you'll know how tough that is!!!) Anyway, the party has happened now and yet another of my closest friends has a new bit of bling on her left hand!! I am destined to scrap wedding albums forever more!!!

So now to share some craftiness. The newest bride to be had asked me to make a couple of books for friends who were having/had new babies to give as gifts, so while I was excitedly waiting for news of the engagement, I had something to keep me busy. The baby that was already born was a boy but they still don't know the flavour of the one yet to be born so I decided that good papers to go with would be Sunshine Broadcast by Sassafras as they had lovely soft colours and were pretty enough for babies without being too girly or boyish.

I did both books more or less the same, the main difference was obviously the fact that I had photos for one but not the other!

The pictures are from the one that I didn't have photos for.....
We did manage to get a copy of the scan picture......

These pieces of paper are blu tacked in so they can be removed and used as templates for the photos once the baby has arrived.

It was quite tricky trying to keep it as neutral as possible, heart shapes seemed like a good way to go!

I decided to make paper rolls from the off cuts left from covering the pages.....

Space for the parents to do a little bit of journalling.....

I absolutely love these papers!

And I always see baby projects as the perfect excuse to use this lovely little stamp!!

I really hope the recipients are pleased with them!!

I have a couple of other crafty projects lined up for this summer, a little bigger this time, which I can't wait to get on this space!!

TFL xxx

ETA: I used the 6x6 papers so that the patterns were mini! I got the 'Wee Bundle' from Sarahs Cards....they seem to be the only place in the UK that stock it!


Helsbells said...

Those papers are perfect for that project; it looks lovely. Where's the camera stamp from? Might need one of those!

Anonymous said...

It is lovely, I am sure they will be very happy with it.