Friday, 12 August 2011

Simple But Effective

Still plodding on with the wedding album. It's becoming more apparent that simplicity is the key to this project. Both of these layouts came together really quickly but look really effective and when I plan to do at least 30 layouts, that's got to be a good idea!

Firstly, I absolutely had to document the flowers, Emma did them herself and what a stunning job she did, they really did look amazing and everyone commented. I love this picture of her finishing the ribbons with Jasmine, her new neice, on the morning of the wedding. I didn't even cut a single piece of paper for this layout, just took scraps and used them exactly as they were.
Then, I wanted to document the process of getting ready and I loved this pic of Sarah, Emma's SIL, doing her make up. Because there was quite a lot going on in the photo I thought it best to keep the colour scheme and pattern simple. It was a great opportunity to use up some of the muslin flowers I made ages ago.

I'm hoping to really crack on with this album over the summer, I think I'm about a third of the way through. Watch this space for more soon.


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