Saturday, 20 August 2011

Shimelle Challenges: Stickery Challenge

And finally....

This challenge was to use stickers from 2 or more different collections. I dug out some OA Thrift Shop border stickers and some others from a manufacturer I can't remember that I had in a kit ages ago.

There is a bit of a story with this photo, hence the title. The picture is from my Great Uncle George and Great Aunty Ann's wedding in the very early 60's. My Grampy, Dad and Aunty Sue are all in the picture but unfortunately my Nan couldn't be there as she was in hospital in London having (what was then) pioneering surgery to close a hole in her heart. I am lucky enough to have a tin full of letters that different people wrote to my Nan while she was there including a letter that my then 11 or 12 year old aunty wrote telling her all about the wedding and a telegram that Aunty Ann and Uncle George sent from the airport on their way to Dublin for their honeymoon. I have included copies of both in the pocket.

When I started this layout I really wasn't sure about it but as I added more it seemed to really come together and I am really pleased with it now!

TFL xx

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