Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Document 2011 July: The Rest

So I promised the rest of my July pages and here they are.....

The pocket page has quite a bit in this month. My Take That ticket (obvs), the results sheets from my QTS tests (which are only there cos they say pass!!), a picture that one of the kids in school did for me and a business card from the restaurant we went to for a retirement do.
July seemed like a really busy month, I could've probably filled these twice over! First we celebrated Sarah's birthday a little late and I caught up with friends I hadn't seen for ages. Did I mention I went to see Take That?? Then birthday drinks for my twin cousins. I've actually just realised that these were three consecutive days so maybe it wasn't as busy as it seemed!!

On the other side.....a retirement do with everyone from school, I'm so pleased I get invited even though I'm not staff, we always have such a laugh!! My boys returned from their cruise and I was sooo pleased to see them. And finally at the end of the month, Hannah and Greg's wedding party which was AWESOME!!

Lots has happened already that will be appearing on my August pages....this album is gonna be finished before I know it!!

TFL xxx

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