Thursday, 24 September 2009


I've had a really great day today. This afternoon I went into school but instead of working in the foundation stage class like I usually do, I worked in the year 1 class. These are the children I worked with last year, and to say they were pleased to see me was an understatement! They nearly flattened me when they saw me and at playtime loads of them wouldn't go and play they just wanted to stand near me! It was great to work with different staff too, it's all good experience.

After school my friend Emma popped round for a cuppa. She's currently floating on air, I don't know if you remember, but back in July I went to London and was a bit stingy with the details. This was because Emma was taking her Irish Dancing teachers exam and I was keeping her company, she wanted it kept really quiet so as not to jinx it. Anyway, as you've probably guessed by now, she found out on Monday that she had passed so we've spent lots of time this week excitedly chattering about competitions and costumes etc.

After that I spent the evening scrapping. I've been asked to be a guest designer for Twisted Sketches next week so I turned this kit that I bought on saturday....
Into something lovely. Check out Twisted next weds (or probs thurs our time) to see what I've created.
I'm having an early night tonight, it's international Languages day tomorrow so have a morning of Spanish fun to look forward to!
tfl xxx

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