Saturday, 12 September 2009

Jake loves Katherine

I've had a tiring day, I've been helping to look after my nephews who are lovely but very typical boys so I've had poo and bums and general toilet talk all day long!!! Before bedtime we tried to bring an air of calm by putting on the Proms in the Park, at the start Jake (who's 12) moaned that it was boring, by the end he had announced that he wanted to marry Katherine Jenkins!!!

I managed to escape for half an hour and popped down to Hobbycraft which is near their house. Their scrapping section seems to get smaller and poorer quality everythime I go but quite a lot of their Making Memories stuff was reduced so I got some Tiny Alphas for £1.99 which I was pleased about. I try to like the cheaper alternative by MLS but their shininess just doesn't do it for me so I was chuffed to find the MM ones for the same price. I also bought a pack of chipboard butterflies which were 1.89 and there are loads in the bag so I have big plans for those.

Anyway, I couldn't blog without a photo so I'll leave you with this layout. I showed you a sneak a while back because I'd submitted it to a magazine but they obviously decided not to go with it so here it is.....
Night xxx

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