Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Mad Hatters Tea Party

I can't sleep. I have seen 2am everday since I've been home from hols. Hope it doesn't last as long as my last bout of restless nights (11 weeks!). Anyway, I thought I might as well use the time constructively and share my creations with this months Gogo kit.

I am so glad I subbed to these kits, it's been 6 months now and I haven't looked back. There hasn't been one I haven't liked. Sure, there has been some stuff I might not have chosen but I've used it and ended up being glad that I have had it chosen for me.

This one, as the title suggests, is a quirky little number. I love it cos it's really versatile and playful (just like me!). This first layout is this months academy modules. SJ challenged us to do three small layouts that will eventually (when I dig out my sewing machine) fit into a specially customized page protector and documents how I like to spend the holidays in 3 sections: Indoors, Outdoors and Me time. Here's mine......

This one was for a challenge to stitch on a LO. As you will probably know, that is no hardship for me, I stitch a lot. But as it was a challenge I decided to shake things up a bit by stitching straight lines to add texture to the paper and starting the stitching on the 'wrong side' so I have little textured ends.
And finally, this one for a challenge to focus on the title. I was totally inspired by the theme of the kit......
Tomorrow I am hoping the postie will bring me lovely things, I am waiting for stash, shoes (ebay bargain), a DVD and a book (also ebay bargain!). Hope the strikes don't stop it getting here, we didn't have post today so fingers crossed for tomorrow!
So now to try and get some sleep.
Wish me luck!


laterg8r said...

the mad as a hatter LO is perfect! great LO's :D

Claire Crompton said...

Love your GoGo layouts Beki. Also love your new look to your blog too.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

Claire Crompton