Friday, 26 June 2009


Hey all, I've just got back from school and my cold is really setting in now but we are going to the caravan for the weekend so at least I can just chill out. I am taking some scrapping stuff with me so if this weather stays bad I can sit indoors and scrap. I am looking forward to making a start on my DT work, I have loads of ideas for it.

I thought I'd share a couple more of the shoot pics. There were a whole series of these 'eye' shots...
I love this one, and you should have seen Sarah's face when we told her that this wig belonged to an old lady before she died!
These ones came out so well, pink hair suits Sarah strangely well!
So off now to do my least favourite job, packing. At least I don't have to take much. I will try and post my attempt at the 3rd Twisted sketch before I go but if not I'll do it when I get back.

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