Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Right, I'm gonna make this post a good 'un cos it's just taken me almost an hour to upload the photos! So, my weekend went something like this. After I finished school on Friday, my lovely friend Sarah came over, her OH was away on a stag weekend so I was gonna stay over to keep her company. We decided to go out for a quiet girly drink, and we chose one of our old haunts, The Avon Gorge Hotel, which has a fabulous view of this....
All lit up at night it looks awesome, we had a lovely relaxing time, there is always a great atmosphere there, and we chatted the evening away.

On Saturday, I woke up early, had lovely cuddles with Frank, (the dog, not my Dad!!) had my fave brekkie of pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup, Sarah makes V. V. good pancakes. I then packed up and went off to Kim's for our Scrapaholix club. We missed last month so had two kits to work with so I did this layout...
Another one for Sadie and Gary's wedding album. She was so chuffed with it.

I was pleased with this little flower that I made.
I then did this layout, the pic is from our trip to Plymouth Marine Aquarium and is of Mum and Dad holding a rock that has been attacked by Boring Piddocks, so obviously the title was there on a plate!!
In the evening we went to Sadie and Gary's for a takeaway. Tinks has had yet more kittens and these two little cuties were left......
I fell in love with the little boy (the one on top,) and Sade put it in my bag as we were leaving but Dad saw it! One day.....

On Sunday we made the most of the lovely weather by continuing with our garden renovations. I painted the pots in lovely bright colours and made little flags for the plants.
I got greatly teased for 'scrapping the garden'. I don't care though, it looks pretty.

Then finally, the postman bought me some niceties yesterday, some Cosmo Cricket Early Bird....
Some Bubblegum Pink Glimmer Mist
And some October Afternoon Road Map which I've just realised there isn't a picture of and after all that palaver I'm not about to add one!
Am having a quiet afternoon before I go into school this aft, I'm working on a pottery project with some Key Stage 2 kids so it'll be a messy one.
TFL xx

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