Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Reality Strikes

Good Morning Blogland. I seem to be getting very slow at sharing my layouts with you. I did this one days ago but never seem to think of photographing them at the right time. Even now this photo isn't great but you'll get the idea. I used lots of Cherry Hill, including the die cuts which are so cute....
There was no particular story behind the photo I just thought it was cute and went with the papers!

At the moment I seem to have got myself a bit of an addiction to reality TV, I've always liked it but I'm obsessed at the moment! I am, of course, mourning the loss of The Apprentice and the fact that the legend that is Margaret will never raise an eyebrow to a candidate again!

I am also enjoying the start of BB. I never normally watch the first week or two as there always seems too many people and too much screaming but there seems some quite entertaining people this year and I have even found myself laughing on occasion (especially when Cairon was washing Siavash's hair!)

But the best of all is the underdog of the reality shows, The Biggest Loser. It is so addictive, and now its nearing the end I just can't wait to see how everyone will do and who will win. I didn't realise until yesterday that Jodie Prenger (of I'd Do Anything fame,) was the winner of the first series, losing over 46% of her body weight. If this years contestants lose those sorts of numbers I cannot wait to see what they look like at next weeks final. Kevin or Carol to win!!!

Anyway, after a busy day at school yesterday, I plan to have a quiet day today scrapping an catching up with some tv on the laptop.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing
B x


rachel said...

lovely lo love that bird, i still havent given in on oct aft just yet lol

Anonymous said...

That bird is so cute, I keep eyeing up more OA stuff but won't get any for the time being (will just add it all to my basket, haha). I love the LO!

I don't watch much reality TV, love The Apprentice and Springwatch, if you can call that reality tv hehe.