Monday, 1 June 2009

Baked Goods

Thought I'd share some pics of Dad's birthday celebrations yesterday. He is 62 but thinks he's 12 so childrens games were the only thing for it!
I think Martyn swallowed his whole!

Photographic proof that Hannah and Nanny were cheating!
And Jon, not getting on to well!! These are definitely scrapping material.

Today we went to the local garden centre for lunch with my lovely Auntie Sue, I love to have a wander with my camera while I'm there. Here are a few flower shots I took. Cute little daisies....
A big sunny sunflower..
Whoops, just realised photo is sideways!! And finally, I just loved the colours on this Iris.....
I love this sunny weather but feel like I can't enjoy it this week. My legs are still bright red, making wearing shorts or skirts rather embarrasing, and now, to add insult to injury, my ankles have swollen up so my feet really do resemble two freshly baked, well risen hot cross buns!
I did have a smile put on my face this evening when my cousin popped round with a present for me, will post a photo of it tomorrow.
Thats all for now
TFL xxx

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rachel said...

fun photos they would look fab in a picasa style pic x