Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Document 2011 February

I can't believe it's March already.....this year is going far too fast! So I'd better share my document 2011 pages for Feb before another month rolls around!

My pocket page is pretty packed this time......
A ticket from Calendar Girls, party invitations, and a sorry letter written by a little boy in school who was rude to me....I just had to keep it, it did make me chuckle!
My focus page is of three of my nephews at my SIL's bday party. Dan was actually the DJ but Jake and Max were desperate to help him and Max was soooo funny having a lil boogie with the headphones on, bless!
Lots of things in the pockets.....busy month! Tickets arrived for Hairspray in April, my Aunty's bday, and a family lunch.
My SIL's party, puppy sitting, choosing the bridesmaid dress and working hard!
Am a bit worried at the moment that March is looking a bit sparse so far but there's plenty of time yet!
TFL xxx


Rachel said...

cute pages hun x

Louise said...

love your doc 2011, a great snapshot of the year. A pretty pink pocket page :)