Friday, 5 February 2010

Mega Mini

Before you read this I should warn you that there are a LOT of photos in this post!!! I make no apologies though as I am so pleased with this little baby that I had to share every detail with you!!

For quite a while, well since OA launched their Report Card collection (!!) I have wanted to document my work in school. Obviously there are difficulties with this because of not being able to take photos, but I am allowed to take photos of the displays I have worked on, which actually have become my trademark in school and my skills in this seem to be becoming rather sought after!!! So here goes.....
I have had this pile of journalling cards for ages and it felt so good to use them all up in one go.
I also managed to use up all of the remaining Report Card stickers....that's got to be a first right?!

Mmm fell in love with this gorgeous gingham ribbon all over again!

Towards the end of working on this project, my prize arrived and I couldn't resist going back through to see where I could use my fabby 'Just Chillin' stamps. This dragon fly was the first.

Possibly my fave page, I just adore that paint splodge stamp, you'll be seeing lots more of that!

Then I managed to squeeze in the owl and stars!
And the butterfly and star found it's way in!!
And the crown found it's way onto the back page. I love this quote from Einstein!
Well if you are still with me thanks for lasting the duration!!! I promise not too bore you with so many photos again.......well not soon anyway!! xxx


Biskit said...

Beki, it's lovely. What a great subject to create a mini book for, and I love how you've used the cards. I love mini mini books.

Jackie xxx said...

What a fab mini book an an excellent way to use up all your bits of stash.

Rachel said...

wow beki that is just stunning, great work x

Emma said...

cool project! love how you used the cards, such a nice keepsake

Ladybastard said...

aww i love mini book <3

nerllybird said...

Woo hoo! The prize came! I love the MM stuff too, such a lovely surprise! Great that your scrapping skills come in useful for displays - I have a real thing about drawing and cutting out titles freehand, altho sadly I don't get much chance to adorn our walls...:(

Starr said...

Beautiful Beki! I love the way you've ruffled up the ginham ribbon, how did you get it to stay in place?

Tiggertum said...

I'm really into mini books at the moment, you have obviously put alot of work into this and it is just fab, love it!