Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Flock? A Herd? A Shoal?

I am having a cosy saturday evening, snuggle up with these guys...
My (wait... what is a collective of penguins?....I googled it..) ok so I am snuggled with my HUDDLE of heatable penguins. I am having what I prefer to call pain management issues (makes me feel more in control) so until I can get to the docs my huddle is my best option.

I have been at Scrapaholix today so have made a LO and a couple of tags which I will share soon but for now I just wanted to share some news. I have been selected for a second time for the Butterfly Crafts DT so will be doing a term with the Spring team. I am really happy about this, not only because I was disappointed when my last term finished, but I was also really flattered about being chosen by Karen for a second time. So I am looking forward to my first challenge and hope lots of you will manage to play along.

B xx


Jackie xxx said...

Fantastics news. Well Done. I'm sure cuddling upto your penguins will help your pain. Big hug. xxx

nerllybird said...

Hi Beks, didn't realise you were on the Butterfly Crafts DT! Must pop over and do another challenge soon. Hope your doc sorts your issues out for you! x

Claire Crompton said...

Great news for you Beki. Glad your penguins are helping with your pain relief.((hugs))